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Thinking of purchasing a log cabin kit for your new home? Before you go out and buy one, do some research first… Why not check out one of these amazing options?

Log Cabin Kits

A lot of my friends have always wanted a log cabin. Even I’ve dreamed about building one. But when time isn’t on your side, it’s a good thing that you now have to option to just buy log cabin kits. These kits make life a little bit easier. The price range varies as well as the size but I’m sure if you browse a bit, you’ll find the perfect log cabin kit that will suit your needs. Here are a couple you can check, keep scrolling!

Log Cabin Kits and Ideas For Your New Homestead

1. Colorado 34mm Log Cabin

Colorado 34mm Log Cabin

image via Buy Log Cabins Direct

An inexpensive log cabin kit you can purchase here. I just love the idea that they made it with double doors.

2. Cumberland Log Cabin Kit

Cumberland Log Cabin Kit

image via Wide Open Country

Want something with a center porch? This is a great design that will allow you to have 2 lofts. See it here.

3. Rowan Cabin

Rowan Cabin

image via Little Cabin Company

A versatile cabin with a verdana. Isn’t it just adorable? Take a tour here.

4. Charentes 44mm Log Cabin

Charentes 44mm Log Cabin

image via Buy Log Cabins Direct

I love the roof on this log cabin. And can you imagine flower beds surrounding it? I can. Check it out here.

5. Swedish Coped Lodge Pole Pine Log Cabin Kit

Swedish Coped Lodge Pole Pine Log Cabin Kit

image source

A little elevation is good. I wouldn’t mind taking a few steps going down the porch. See it here.

6. Appalachian Log Cabin

If you’re looking for maximum space then this is the log cabin kit for you. This isn’t just great for big families but it’s also suited for camp grounds and even offices.

7. Athens Log Cabin Kit

Athens Log Cabin Kit

image via Coventry Log Homes

Got some money to splurge? Then this is for you. It may be a bit pricey but I’m sure you’ll agree this log home surely exudes elegance. See it here.

8. Pan Abode Homes Custom 3280

Pan Abode Homes Custom 3280

It’s amazing what you can build with kits now. See the plans here.

9. Getaway Log Cabin Kit

Getaway Log Cabin Kit

image via Coventry Log Homes

A one room cabin plus bath may be small but is quick to build. This is specially designed for recreational use only. Take a tour here.

10. Cozy Log Cabin Kit

Cozy Log Cabin Kit

image via Goods Home Design

A double level home you can modify to your preference. See it here.

Having a hard time deciding? Here’s some help from Becky’s Homestead on how to choose your log cabin kit:

Want more ideas? Explore these log cabins on Houzz!

What do you think of these log cabin kits? Which one do you want for your home? Let us know below in the comments!


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