Little Chicken House

Chicken coops are the places where chicken lives and lay eggs.You could try the DIY approach and build something that suits best your options. Or you could resort to a ready-built coop. One such great example is the Nogg chicken little house. It can hold up to 4 chickens, although 2-3 is more recommended. The manufacturer compares it to a luxury flat share for chickens than an ordinary coop. With this in your yard, not only the possums or raccoons will have a hard time breaching easily to your chickens, but also the outdoor design will benefit from it.

1.Turn An old Washing Machine Into A Chicken Coop


2. Small Dorking Chicken Coop


3. The Nogg Chicken Coop: A Hip Design for the Urban Chicken

Nogg-coop-685x1024more details here…

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