Learn How to Grow All The Food You Need In Your Backyard

Having a veggie garden at your disposal is proven to be a great help for all amateur chefs. What if we tell you 3 square feet is all you need in order to grow the food you need in the kitchen? The next guide will show all you require in this area. From planting to harvesting, everything is detailed in the Homestead Handbook available at the next links. There are only benefits for growing your own food. Not only your lifestyle becomes more active, but your food habits can turn healthy, especially if you like going often to the fast-food restaurant. Check out the guide and find out more about growing food, the effort necessary in caring after each vegetable, as well as the benefits you will reap when harvest time arrives.



Chapter 1 – Square Foot Gardening

Chapter 2 – Planning Your Square Foot Garden

Chapter 3 – Raised Garden Beds

Chapter 4 – Soil Prep for Backyard Gardening

Chapter 5 – Planting Seeds

Chapter 6 – Tending Your Vegetable Garden

Chapter 7 – Grow a Vertical Garden

Chapter 8 – When to Plant a Garden

Chapter 9 – Tips For Unique Backyards

Chapter 10 – Gardening Tips For the Family

Chapter 11 – How to Grow an Herb Garden

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