Knifemaking: Make a Knife from an Old Wrench

Knifemaking is an ancient art, but it seems like it’s being lost in our modern world of convenience.

How To Make a Knife From An Old Wrench With Knifemaking Skills

It’s really a shame that in all the hustle and bustle of modern life, we’ve lost so many of the ancient skills passed on by our ancestors. The truth is, in order to truly be prepared and survive, you need to reconnect with these ancient skills. You also need to know how to be resourceful in a survival situation and find unexpected uses for everyday items. Learning knifemaking skills in an invaluable resource when you’re in a survival situation.


  • an old wrench
  • a grinder
  • heat or fire
  • a hammer
  • sand paper

Watch the video below to learn how to make a knife out of an old wrench:

Check out my favorite knife the Combat Knife, a tactical knife for elite survivalist.

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