Keep Your Cat Safe and Happy With “Catio Spaces”

Living in a house and having a cat can make it difficult for you to keep your pet indoors. Apartment cats are different from house cats, as the space available to them is different, so house cats might be tempted to go outdoors. But that’s not very safe, as they are lots of cars and other animals on the streets and your cat’s life can be in danger. To protect your cat, you can build a Catio, which is an enclosed cat patio that will work as a safe place for your pet. This way you can still let your cat enjoy the outdoor space, but also keep her safe from predators. To learn more about the Catio and how to build one, check the details at the end of the article. We just love this clever cat patio idea! Safe Outdoor Enclosures for a Happy and Healthy Cat

“Our goal is to keep your cat safe and happy in an outdoor enclosure that visually complements your home.”





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