Jungle Survival Shelters| How To Stay High And Dry In The Jungle

Many of us may never need to set up shelter in the jungle… In fact, it may be the farthest thing from your mind. However, a survivalist’s true talent lies in their ability to adapt and overcome any situation. Jungle survival involves a lot more than a simple pop-up tent…

Jungle Survival | A Guide to Building A Simple Shelter

A shelter’s job is to keep you safe, warm, dry and out of the reach of wild animals and extreme weather conditions. But when it comes to jungle survival, one of your main concerns is getting off the ground. Knowing how to make a shelter that gets you off the ground and keeps you dry is a must for jungle survival. Continue reading as I’m about to give you a few tips in constructing a simple shelter for you to stay in.

Location Spotting

Location Spotting | Jungle Survival | Create A Shelter In The Jungle
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Look for a perfect place to set-up your shelter. Choose a location far enough away from water forms so that if it floods, your shelter turn into a raft… Avoid building your shelter near a site with signs of wild animals or else you might be in for a rude awakening in the middle of the night.

Framework Construction

Framework Construction | Jungle Survival | Create A Shelter In The Jungle
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To create a strong shelter, you must be able to make a nearly indestructible frame. Use strong wood or branches of trees available around you. Use ropes, vines, or paracord that can hold the frame in place.

Nest Making

Nest Making | Jungle Survival | Create A Shelter In The Jungle
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After the hard frame, proceed with the saplings to serve as your bed. Use leaves to provide you comfort. It also serves as an insulator, especially for cold weather. Cover the whole base of the frame with leaves. It’s better to use large leaves to prevent it from scattering when you sleep on it.

Wall Stabilizing

Wall Stabilizing | Jungle Survival | Create A Shelter In The Jungle
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Think about your wall next. This is one of the most important parts of your shelter. This must withstand various factors that might destroy the whole safe house. And it must also protect you from extreme heat and rain, to avoid getting you sick or making you weak.


Roofing | Jungle Survival | Create A Shelter In The Jungle
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Lastly, you’ll be needing an over-all covering for the whole shelter. If you’re prepared for circumstances like this, you must have brought a large plastic or emergency blankets in your write comparison contrast essay. This will prevent you from getting wet and will provide insulation at times of low temperature. Tie it tightly to your roof and base frame so it won’t get blown by strong winds.

Watch the video below to discover exactly how you can build a jungle survival shelter out of bamboo:

In extreme conditions, you could be up a creek without a paddle in as little as 3 hours without proper shelter. Always remember to be knowledgeable before going to dangerous places. Equip yourself with survival hacks, including this jungle survival shelter guide to help you out when you’re outdoors!

Do you have some jungle survival tips to give? Share your Survival Life adventures in the comments section below!

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