Important Trades for Survival

What will you do once the big event has passed and we're living in a post-SHTF world? Go into SHTF survival mode by learning these trade skills!

Trade Skills For Optimum SHTF Survival


When we can't all run out to the store for what we need, craftspeople will become invaluable to society. This includes carpenters, as our needs will no longer be met by the chain furniture stores that are so utilized today. Considering that our access to electricity will depend on exactly what kind of event happens, having the ability to practice carpentry without modern tools is probably a good idea as well.

Learning the old-school methods and getting your hands on the more traditional carpentry tools is the best way to ensure that your craft will be useful no matter what happens. If you have the tools and skills to build things in a post-event society, you and your product will be highly sought after.

Gunsmithing and Ammunition Production

Many people believe that after the event, the government will take more control over their people, greatly limiting our access to guns and ammunition. Even if this weren't to occur, a lack of access to industrialized processes will bring the gun manufacturing industry to a halt.

This will lead to a huge demand for gun repairs and homemade ammunition. Learning gunsmithing will keep you in demand and your arsenal stocked no matter what happens. We may not know the future, but we know that folks will always want guns!

Household Product Manufacturing

Household Product Manufacturing | Important Trades for Survival

Yet again, a skill that will be useful to replace our reliance on the stores we use today. Household items like detergent, soaps, and cleaners will always be necessities. So few people know how to make these items even though so many of us rely on them.

These aren't particularly difficult things to make, but knowing how to do it, no matter how simple, makes all the difference in the world. Learning this relatively easy trade will have you way ahead after the SHTF.

Fruit, Vegetable, Seed Production

Fruit, Vegetable, Seed Production | Important Trades for Survival

It's easy to see why gardening will be of huge importance in a post-collapse world. People will certainly be looking to buy fresh food, but potentially even more importantly, they will need seeds. Learning how to produce and store seeds would be a hugely marketable skill.

Expanding the size of your plot to prepare for larger production would be a great idea for those looking to produce excess crops. This skill and preparation will keep your family fed in more ways than one.

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Electronics Repair

So we may or may not have widespread access to electricity when the SHTF, but people will almost certainly still want and need to use some sort of electronics no matter what happens. Learning some basic electronics and wiring skills can be surprisingly helpful with all sorts of different electronics.

Being able to fix televisions, radios, telephones, and even kitchen appliances could be a great skill for the post-event.

Watch this video by Primitive Technology and find out how you can build a patch and grow sweet potatoes and yam vines:

With any or all of these four skills, you'll be in good shape in a post-event world. Once you make it through the survival situation, that's when the real test starts. With this know-how, you'll be able to help yourself and other survivors after SHTF.

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