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I remember the first shot I made on my first hunting trip in the great mountains of Canada. I admit, I missed often, but with every shot that whistled past my ear and into the distance, I got more and more inspired to try harder.

Towards the end of the day, my husband, the amazing hunter that he is, had already carried 3 rabbits, and I had nothing. I decided to try one last time, and surprisingly I did it- I shot the rabbit! The feelings of joy, power and potential were unexplainable. I knew I was going to love hunting.

Hunting Trip | Experienced Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Over the many years of hunting with my husband I learned quite a few tricks to make things a lot easier when hunting. But before I start, I want to ask you to treat all animals, big and small, with respect. Be grateful that the animal you hunted down gave away its life for you.

So, first of all, when going hunting, never go alone, especially if you are just getting started with the hobby. A gun and a buddy will always be better than just a gun itself.

Preparation Tips:

Take a pillow case and fill it up with acorns, pine needles, pine bark and moss, leaves, etc, then tie up the pillow and soak it through with water. Then, put it in the washer or dryer with your hunting clothes. Your clothes will smell and attract deer from great distances!

Smart Tips To Find Your Way:

When you are going deep into the forest during the day and will be expecting to go back when it gets dark, tie glow sticks to the trees on your way there. Or you can also just spray the trees with glow in the dark spray paint. On your way back, the glow in the dark material will light up and show you the way back.

Get Your Dog Ready:

Get your dog ready to go hunting by bathing it in no-scent soap. Although you may want your dog to wear a neon collar so that you can find it, this may not be a good idea. Animals will notice him just because he is wearing the collar. Instead, use a camouflage GPS collar, and a dog whistle.

hunting-trip-hunter-with-dog Hunting Trip | Experienced Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Practice Makes Perfect:

If you want to have fun practicing to aim and shoot, there’s nothing better than practicing on potatoes. Pin potatoes to trees with 1 inch nails, and watch those potatoes explode! Another option is to shoot at targets. Check out these fantastic targets from Survival Life!

Hunting Deer:

Don’t use a deer call too often. If the buck is already close to you, don’t call it again, this will only bewilder it. Instead, wait for it to wander closer. If you believe that it would be a fetal shot, pull the trigger.

When you shoot a deer, check the arrow to find out where the arrow passed through it.

hunting-trip-deer Hunting Trip | Experienced Tips and Tricks of the Trade

General Rules Of Thumb:

  • Bright pinkish red blood indicates that the arrow went through the vitals. Bubbles in the blood usually mean lungs. Very dark blackish blood means that it was a hit in the liver. Normal looking blood means you hit the heart.
  • If the arrow is covered with brownish, greenish means that the arrow passed through the stomach or other digestive organs.
  • fat or grease means that the arrow passed though the back or neck

Hunting Squirrels:

Squirrels are very curious creatures, if they hear a sound that they have never heard before they’ll want to find out what is making the noise. Although lots of people like using commercial whistles and stuff like that, I simply use a dog toy. My puppy has a bunch of old squeaky toys so what I do is I just rip the toy apart and pull out the small, usually rubber, ball inside which makes the squeaking noise. Use the toy to make short high pitch beeps to attract squirrels.

hunting-trip-stuffed-animal-squeek-toy Hunting Trip | Experienced Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Hunting Rabbits:

When going hunting for rabbits, go in the evening when the sun is about to set. Rabbits normally sleep during the day but then go for an evening snack, which is the best time to hunt them.

Retrieving The Animal:

Remember how your mother rubbed hydrogen peroxide on your scraped elbows and knees? You must also remember that in contact with blood, the solution started to bubble, right? Well, this is exactly how you can find a hidden trail of blood from an animal you shot. Simply spray some hydrogen peroxide where you believe the wounded animal passed and you should see bubbly liquid appearing. This will be blood. Follow it.

hunting-trip-landscape Hunting Trip | Experienced Tips and Tricks of the Trade

The True Pioneer:

Hunting is most definitely my favorite way to spend time outdoors. There is nothing better than knowing that the meat you are eating is natural and was hunted by you. True pioneers always hunt for their meat!

Running low on quality hunting supplies? These are MUST-haves for your next hunting trip!

Thanks for checking our Hunting Trip | Experienced Tips and Tricks of the Trade post! Will you use these tips on your next hunting trip? Let us know in the comments below.

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