How To Turn An Old TV Into a Dog Bed

Do you won an old TV set and don’t use it anymore for ages? Well, now you have a creative and cute way to repurpose it. Turning an old TV set into a fancy dog bed will definitely add to the aesthetics of your home. Not to mention that your furry friend will love it! After removing the TV lamp and other mechanisms, the main things to be careful at is the new paint job and giving much needed comfort for the dog inside the new-acquired space. Check out the detailed instructions on how to transform the unused TV set into a lovely new bed for your dog. Tell the news to your dog loving friends as well, so your pet won’t be the only one pampered so much.



Turn-An-Old-TV-Into-a-Dog-Bed-2more details here…

Turn-An-Old-TV-Into-a-Dog-Bed-1more details here…

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