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War is a cruel facet of humankind. The intent to expand territory and take resources by force are often the reasons for such conflict where thousand or millions of human lives are lost.

War Survival Tips: Through The Citizen’s Eyes

If you’re not a soldier, it is best you evacuate the area as soon as possible. Watching current events on televisions, radio or the internet can help you anticipate and prepare for the worst. More often than not, everyone will see and feel the tension build up prior to an eventual war. People will definitely be talking about it. But no one knows the exact time it will strike.

1. Learn To Shoot

Learn To Shoot | How To Survive A War | Survival Life Tips
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Investing on guns is a must in order to survive the war. Your local military should come to your aid but it may take some time. If evacuation is not yet a possible option, defending yourself and keeping the enemy at bay should be your top priority. Learn how to choose your guns, clean, maintain and shoot your weapons on a regular basis. Don’t forget to learn also about gun safety.

2. Stay Fit

Stay Fit | How To Survive A War | Survival Life Tips
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If rubble would be everywhere then using a vehicle may become utterly useless. So, you will have to avoid the enemy on foot with a lot of gear on you. That’s why you must be fit to keep from getting caught in the enemy’s cross sights.

3. Prepare A Survival Kit

Prepare A Survival Kit | How To Survive A War | Survival Life Tips
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In the event of a nuclear war, the contents of your survival kit must fit the impending danger. Chemical masks, protective coveralls, gloves and other items to protect you from radiation. You can also learn how to create your own survival kit.

4. Undergo Survival And Basic Military Training

Undergo Survival And Basic Military Training | How To Survive A War | Survival Life Tips
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Learning a few survival skills such as stealth, covert, and radio communications training can get you places without even being detected. If the enemy is within your city areas, this means your local or national military is still not able to defend its citizens. With aircraft and military drones made available by technology, you must be on your toes at all times. Move from cover to cover and use the cover of darkness to move about.

5. Fortify Your Home

Fortify Your Home | How To Survive A War | Survival Life Tips
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At initial attacks without warning, it is best to stay indoors and fortify it with window and door metal shutters. Place sandbags on the lower sides of the walls for added protection. Wait until the dust settles before bugging out. The enemy would most likely bombard your area prior to moving in. If you have a cellar or fortified shelter it would greatly increase your chances of survival.

6. Have A Bug-Out Vehicle Ready At All Times

Have A Bug-Out Vehicle Ready At All Times | How To Survive A War | Survival Life Tips
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Other than the car you use on an ordinary day, you must have another vehicle hidden away for emergency use. If you can fortify it and include weapon attachments, the better it will be for you. It should also have a 4-wheel drive to ensure it can go off road should you need to avoid enemy encounters. Don’t forget to stash your bug out vehicle with supplies such as food, water and ammo.

7. Make An Exit Plan

Make An Exit Plan | How To Survive A War | Survival Life Tips
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Map out multiple exit points from your home or office. In case your main route is barricaded or full of fleeing people then you have other options left to get where you need to go.

8. Prepare A Bug Out Location

Prepare A Bug Out Location | How To Survive A War | Survival Life Tips
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A bug out location well away from major cities, on a mountain or hilltop, if possible, is a good place to make a stand. Fortify it and have multiple exit points prepared. It should be stacked with food and water supplies to last you months or even years. The first thing to do if you’re not a soldier is to evacuate if you can. Ultimately, this is what your government would want to keep its citizens safe and this is what your main objective should be. As for the enemy, they would want to annihilate every living soul who is not their own.

Watch this video on how to survive a nuclear war posted by AsapTHOUGHT:

As a civilian, the best solution is to flee the area of conflict as soon as you can. Think of the safety of your family before anything else. Should you wish to fight the enemy to protect your homeland, it is best you sign up with the military. Through this, you will have more equipment and comrades to fight by your side.

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