How to Stay Hydrated While Hiking

hiking tip How to Stay Hydrated While Hiking

Don’t Pass Up This Lifesaving Survival Tip

It’s getting hot out there, and with heat comes increased risk of dehydration. Heading out to the hills can drain your body of energy and fluids.

When SHTF, you may have no other choice but proceed to a bug out location on foot. One of the most important aspects of hiking is staying hydrated.

If you are walking to a distant place, then carrying water can be a problem. You can only carry so many water bottles efficiently before they actually get in your way. The one thing that you want to prevent from happening is dehydration.

This video from BetweenTheBlazes provides you tips on how to make any trek bearable whether you are a hiker or survivalist, or you are just planning to have a weekend getaway, by staying hydrated the entire time.

What do you do to stay hydrated? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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