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Are you curious to find out how to start a fire without matches? I’m sure you may have encountered it at some point but did you know that there are different ways to do it. You’ll never be reliant on your matchbox or lighter after this.

10 Ways To Start A Fire Without Matches

I’ve spent my fair share of time in the wilderness. If you’ve been out camping you’ll know that aside from water and shelter, fire is another necessity. So what will you do if your matches become wet or you somehow loose them along the way? Will you sit and hope for lightning to strike wood and start a fire? Although that is something that may work, it’s not a scenario that will likely happen.

Every homesteader should know how to start a fire without any help from matches. Add onto your survival skills and promote self-reliance and self-sufficiency with these 10 amazing ways to start a fire without matches. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your matches or lighter behind on a camping or hiking trip.

1. Lens Method

You can use either a magnifying glass, binoculars and even a broken light bulb. Check out how here.

2. Battery Method


This tutorial is pretty straight forward. You’ll need a AA or AAA battery and a chewing gum wrapper. With just two easy steps, you’ll get fire! See it here.

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3. Get A Firekable


This cool gadget will let you light a fire wherever you go. Don’t leave your house unprepared, and wear one of these whenever you venture outdoors.

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4. Soda Can and Chocolate Method

Did you know that you can start a fire with a soda can and chocolate? You’ll need the chocolate to make the bottom of the soda can shiny and use that to reflect the sun’s ray.

5. Fire Plough

You’ll need patience and stamina for this fire starting method, but it works. Get the steps here.

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How to Build a Fire | 26 Firestarting Tricks

— Homesteading (@HomesteadingUSA) January 8, 2016

6. Bow and Drill


I’m sure you’ve seen this method on many survival shows, and you may also know that it takes time and effort. See how here.

7. Solar Spark Lighter

It may cost a bit, but you’ll be pleased at how easy it is to start a fire with this tool. Get more information here.

8. Flint and Steel

It’s always great to have some flint and steel with you at all times. It doesn’t get ruined by water and is one of the easiest way to start a fire without matches. See here.

9. Water Bottle Firestarter

If you don’t always have a water bottle, here’s one good reason why you should bring one. See how here.

10. Chemical Fire

Chemical Fire | How to Start a Fire Without Matches Chemical Fire | How to Start a Fire Without Matches
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You may not have any of these chemicals during your wilderness travel, but it’s always good to know that you can start a fire just by mixing some chemicals. Check it out here.

11. Always Be Prepared with an Everstryke Pro Lighter.

everstryke proeverstryke pro

This cool gadget fits safely in your pocket or on your keychain. If you’re lucky enough to have one on hand you can light a fire whenever wherever, even after being soaked in water. Get yours here – it’s FREE with shipping while supplies last!

Remember if you’re going to test or try these fire starting methods, be safe. If you’re doing this at home, make sure that you have some water or a fire extinguisher on standby. Congratulations on your new homesteading skill.

Want to see how to start a fire with sugar? Watch this video here from CrazyRussianHacker:

What do you think of these amazing ways to start a fire without matches? Don’t forget to also check out how to make fire starters for easy survival techniques. Let us know in the comments section what your thoughts are on these self reliance skills.


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