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Learn how to press flowers by hand with this simple diy tutorial. Here you’ll find how to press ordinary flowers with parchment paper. We’ve also included how to dry roses, and bonus tips & tricks to try the next time you’re pressing flowers.

How To Press Flowers

Have you ever had a bouquet of flowers and wanted it to last forever? Well, I have, so I made up my own way to dry flowers! There are many ways to dry flowers, leaves or plants but the most common one is to dry them up in a book. Yes, if you dry them up in a book, they will be flat, but there are many ways to use flat, dried flowers. I will include a few ideas on how to use flat, dried flowers, but feel free to make up your own!

How To Press Flowers – Different Methods For Perfect Petals Every Time

Flower Press Materials:

  • Flowers, leaves, or plants
  • Two sheets of paper
  • About 2 or 3 heavy books

Flower Press Procedure:

  1. Pick your flowers, leaves or plants that you want to dry. Remember that if you are picking your plants right out of the earth, make sure that you are not on someone’s property, picking their plants!
  2. Place two pieces of paper in the middle of the heavy book. Take your flowers and place them in the middle of the two pieces of paper. Make the flowers lie flat, so that when the book closes, the flowers won’t bend the way you don’t want them to.
  3. Close the book, place the other books on top, and push a bit on top of the books. Leave them in the book for a few days until they are delicate, crisp and dried.

Before Pressing Flowers

How to Press Flowers by Book

After Pressing Flowers:

Pressed Flowers

You Can Put Pressed Flowers In a Frame

Framed Pressed Flowers

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If you want to place your dried plants in a picture frame, you will need:

  • Book dried flowers, leaves or plants
  • One blank piece of paper ( I like using white, but you can use other colors as well.)
  • Picture frame

First you glue the dried plants onto the piece of paper. Then you open up the picture frame and place the paper onto the glass. Remember to place the paper flower side down to the glass. Close the picture frame and hang it on a wall.

You Can Make a Card with Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flower Cards

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If you want to make a birthday card with flowers, you will need:

  • piece of paper
  • Markers, any colors you want
  • Book dried flowers

First you fold the paper in half. Now you decorate the inside of the card, and write a message if you want. Decorate the front cover, but remember to leave a space for the flowers. Once you glue the flowers on to th front, you are done! Now you have flowers that will last you a lifetime! You can even start your very own collection, make cards for family and friends, or place in a picture frame to decorate your room!

How to Press a Rose (Dry a Rose):

How to Dry a Rose

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If you want to dry a rose, you will need:

  • One fresh rose
  • Scissors
  • Heavy books
  • Two pieces of paper

First, you will need to cut the stem. If you noticed, the rose’s stem is thicker then most flower stems. The stem will take longer to dry then the flower itself, because it’s thick and has lots of moisture in it. Take your scissors and cut the stem lengthwise, and snip off one part of the stem, once you are at the top of the stem. Now you only have half a stem. Like drying most flowers, put the rose in the middle of the two pieces of paper, and into the middle of one large book. Now, if you just close the book in the rose, you will not see the middle if the rose. So, now you will have to bend the rose so that you can see the middle, when it’s lying flat. Close the book, and add more books on top of the first book. Leave the rose in the books, until the rose is completely dried.

Here is a video on how to press flowers in a microwave!

TIPS For Pressing Flowers

  • For perfect pressing or drying, the humidity should be about 45 RH%
  • The flowers should be drying in a warm environment
  • If you want to make your flowers look nice when dried, place them in the book, when their still fresh
  • Don’t Press The Thick Plants – They are mostly water and just aren’t meant to be pressed
    • Cacti
    • Aloe
    • Echeveria
    • Yucca
    • Stapelia

Want more ideas? Then watch this video from

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