How to plant tomatoes for best results” that will be a great guide for the beginner gardener, taking you in a step by step process that you will have to cover in order to get a healthy harvest from your garden.

Where to plant tomatoes

Finding a sunny location is the most important consideration when planting tomatoes. Eight hours of direct sunlight is ideal.

Here are a few ideas if your location is sunlight deficient:

Plant tomatoes near a reflective wall.
Plant tomatoes on a southerly or southeasterly slope.
If growing tomatoes in containers, rotate the containers to sunnier spots if possible.

Step-by-step guide to planting tomatoes (source: Full Article)

  1. Choose your sunniest location.
  2. Fertilize the soil a few days before using tomato fertilizer.
  3. Moisten the soil if it’s very dry.
  4. Remove any blossoms from seedlings.
  5. Space plants 12- to 18-inches if staked, 3-feet apart if unstaked, in rows 3-feet apart if staked, 4-feet apart if not.
  6. Make a 3- to 4-inch trench, remove leaves and bury 6-inches of stem in the trench, or upright if transplanting from a larger pot.
  7. Fill the trench with soil then water with a fertilizer solution.
  8. Place a label marker near the plant to identify the variety.
  9. Prepare to use frost protection practices if cold nights threaten.

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