How To Pack A Backpack For A 7-Day Hunting Trip

If you’re planning on spending a out in the Alaskan highlands, you better know how to pack a backpack for your endeavor. The first time I went on a week-long hunting trip, it was a disaster. At least for me, that is. I packed a lot of unnecessary items and forgot the most important ones. I had to bum off from one of my mates for that trip and it was embarassing. Now, depending on your style of hunting, a week’s hunt could mean bringing the whole pack anywhere you go or leaving some behind at camp. So for a better 7-day hunting experience, take a look at these awesome tips on how to pack a backpack!

Learn How To Pack A Backpack The Right Way

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There are two choices that you can make with a 7-day hunting excursion: to camp or to be mobile. While some hunters prefer to set up camp somewhere, others like to be mobile bringing all their stuff wherever they go. I’m more of a mobile guy myself, but I’m not one to stray away from camping too. But a camping trip of this length requires the right amount of preparation and consideration for safety. You are not only going to pack ammo and guns, but you also have to pack items to help protect yourself from the elements and even wild animals.

Tip #1: Weigh things out

Tip #1: Weigh things out | How To Pack A Backpack For A 7-Day Hunting Trip
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And when I say weigh things out, I mean it in the literal sense. Make sure that you’re bringing the lightest possible version of your gear. However, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for weight. If it’s a really important item like your backpack, you won’t get far with a light but very shabby bag.

Tip #2: Keep your pack dry

Tip #2: Keep your pack dry | How To Pack A Backpack For A 7-Day Hunting Trip
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Unexpected weather changes can’t be avoided as it can go from sunny to rainy in a matter of hours. When you’re 5 miles out in the field, there’s no time to go back and start waterproofing your gear. Be sure that your pack is waterproof and the things inside are safe from the elements. Speaking of waterproof, check out this awesome firestarter right here.

Tip #3: Ditch the wants

Tip #3: Ditch the wants | How To Pack A Backpack For A 7-Day Hunting Trip
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When packing a backpack, there are two types of items you might fit in the bag. There are the absolutely necessary ‘needs’ that you can’t live without, and the luxury ‘want’ items. Before you pack it in, think whether you really need to use the item or not. Because if you don’t, you really don’t wanna be carrying that weight around for 7 days.

Tip #4: Use nested cooking equipment

Tip #4: Use nested cooking equipment | How To Pack A Backpack For A 7-Day Hunting Trip
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Saving space is a key to packing right and nested cooking gear could save you a lot of space. If you can’t find a set that will suit all your needs, you can buy them separately but be sure that they fit inside each other. This way, you’re able to keep all of them inside the largest container and save a huge amount of space in your pack.

Tip #5: Keep metal items in cloth containers

Tip #5: Keep metal items in cloth containers | How To Pack A Backpack For A 7-Day Hunting Trip
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Aluminum items can’t be avoided and they’re always necessary for cooking. However, they make annoying noises when they hit against each other. Consequently, this may alert the animals of your presence so you have to keep them separately in cloth bags.

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