How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener Survival Hack [Video]

Learn how to open a can without a can opener because you'll never know when SHTF and you're left with nothing.

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  1. Survival Hacks: Easy Way to Open a Can Without a Can Opener
  2. How Did You Forget Your Can Opener?
  3. Types of Tin Cans
  4. What You Need to Open a Can Without a Can Opener
  5. How to Open a Can with Your Hands

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How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

Survival Hacks: Easy Way to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

This super simple and clever survival hacks idea allows you to get to your canned food without needing a can opener or any sharp object. While it's generally a good idea to ensure you have can openers in your bug out bag, mistakes are unavoidable.

Using the method in our feature video is one of the most important survivalist hacks you can add to your arsenal. It's easy and incredibly clever.

How Did You Forget Your Can Opener?

Hey, shit happens, and SHTF? It is very likely, too. Even the best of us make mistakes and sometimes, just so damn unlucky.

Now, I'm just saying, no matter how prepared we are, something is bound to go wrong somewhere. Whether we're out camping, bugging out, or forced to move suddenly we will forget a can opener or other tools.

That is why preparedness isn't only about completing your bug out bag or camping list. It's more on preparing yourself physically and mentally.

Try to work out and learn some survival hacks that would be very handy whatever is the situation. To open a can without any tools is one example.

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Types of Tin Cans

There are three types of tin can seals — double seam, single seam, and easy-open. Lucky you if you come across easy-opens where you only need to lift the tab and voila! Your meal is ready and served, and you can even eat straight out of the can.

The single seam is one with a rounded bottom. The double seam can is one you might observe to have rolled edges on both top and bottom.

While a double seam in the canning process is a safe way to seal canned goods, it is also vulnerable. Thus, making the trick of opening a can without a can opener easier.

What Is Double Seam? This is a process in canning where the body and a can lid interlocked by using machines to seal it good.

What You Need to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

You only need a hard surface to open a can without a can opener. A slab of rock, a concrete floor, or a wall would do the trick.

You also need a little bit of patience and a good grip to hold the can tight. You might also need something pointy for the very easy prying part.

Without further ado, here's the simple trick of opening a can without a can opener. If you've found your hard and rough surface, let's get this job done.

How to Open a Can with Your Hands

First, hold the seam of the can against the hard surface. It's usually where the stamp of the expiration date is.

If you have a smooth surface, you can go ahead and scrape that side of the can back and forth. But, if you have a bumpy surface, push your can hard against the surface and twist it back and forth.

The pressure and friction will scrape off the seam. If you see liquid coming out of the bottom, that means you can now easily pull off the top.

You might need a stick or something blunt to pry the top of the can. And, that's how it's done!

Watch the full video from Survival Life below to see how it's done and done well:

Always prepare for the inevitable. One way or another no matter how you've mastered preparedness you will still find yourself in the worst of situations.

Yet, in case of SHTF, you are more likely to find canned foods than can openers. So, learn simple tasks and survival hacks like opening a can without a can opener!

Can you open a can without a can opener? Share your own survival hacks and your thoughts on this one in the comments section below!

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