How To Navigate In The Wild Without A Compass

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Want to know how to navigate in the wild? When you’re lost and have nothing else to help you, you can rely on Mother Nature to help!

How To Navigate In The Wild

When you’re lost in the wild and technology has failed you, what would you do? Will you cry and wait for someone to find you, or will you be the prepsteader you know you are?

Always put your best foot forward, and make sure it’s in the right direction.

It can be hard nowadays that everything is readily available. You have GPS in your car and phone and it’s pretty much hard to get lost. But just in case you get yourself in a situation where you’re battery’s dead and don’t know how to get back to civilization, here are some tips that will help you. Find your way back and start navigating like a pro with these methods!

How To Navigate In The Wild

You can thank Eastern Mountain Sports for this infographic!

Navigating Your Way in the Wild

Finding your way in the woods can be as simple as ensuring you’re on the correct route or as serious as a key to survival. Here are a few methods to find your way:

How To Navigate With The Sun

Navigating with Sun

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That giant fireball in the sky isn’t just a sunburn machine; it’s actually a useful directional tool.

Placing a stick in some level ground, make a mark at the end of its shadow. This will be your west mark. After 15 minutes or so, make another mark as the shadow moves. This will be your east mark. Drawing a straight line between the two points give you west and east. Standing with the west mark to your left and east to your right faces you approximately north.

How To Navigate With The NORTH STAR

Star Navigation

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Bigfoots and bears may be out at night, so it’s best to know where you’re headed.

No sun, you say? No big deal. In the northern hemisphere, the North Star is only 1 degree off true north, and is that last star in the handle of the Little Dipper constellation. An imaginary line drawn to the ground is your guide.

However, if Bigfoot is chasing you, any direction will do.

How To Navigate With Vegetation

Vegetation Navigation

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If you’re lost, you may also be hungry, but before you start eating the local flora, see if it can give you some directional clues first.

In the northern hemisphere, growth should be more lush on a southern-facing side of a tree. Vegetation and moisture on slopes facing north will be cooler and damper since they receive less sun. In the winter, southern slopes will end up losing snow off trees first.

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How To Navigate With GPS

GPS for Navigation

Global Positioning Systems, or GPS, can be invaluable for those who plan ahead and bring them along for the trip.

Modern GPS units are packed with features that allow you to track your route, determine distance, and show direction, altitude and even a digital compass. A paper map and traditional compass are useful to have in conjunction with a GPS, and allow you maximum visibility into where you are and where you’re headed.

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While you SHOULD always carry a compass, that’s not always the case. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to make do!

Always put your best foot forward, and make sure it’s in the right direction.

Do you think you’ll find your way next time you get lost in the wilderness? Let us know below in the comments!

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