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Have you ever made your own herbal infusions? Or considered the many wonderful benefits that herbal infusions have to offer? If you are a fan of herbal healing than you are in for a treat! Making your own herbal infusion tea is a fun process that you can do easily on the homestead. Follow along for the how-to!

How To Make Herbal Infusions | Herbal Remedies

We’re doing a whole series on How To Make Herbal Remedies! Stay tuned and learn how to make:

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How to Make Herbal Infusions:

Consider herbal infusions like tea on steroids… but if steroids were good for you. You get maximum benefits from all the herbs in a more concentrated solution. Wonderful! They are also very easy to make. Similar to tea, you steep dry herbs in hot water and allow the two to soak together. However, infusions are even more potent and should steep for a much longer period of time.

To make Herbal Infusions you will need:

  • Dried herbs of choice – flowers and leafy herbs work well for infusions. (learn how to dry herbs here)
  • Mason jar – or any air tight jar
  • cheesecloth or tea strainer
  • bowl
  • ladle
  • hot pad

1. Pour dried herbs into a jar.

How To Make Herbal Infusions Step 1

2. Add hot water.

How To Make Herbal Infusions Step 2

The water should be on a low boil. Be sure to use a hot pad beneath the jar for safety. I stuck a ladle in mine to help direct the flow of the water and prevent breakage. Use a funnel if necessary.

3. The Infusion process.

How To Make Herbal Infusions Step 3

Seal the jar TIGHT! Allow to sit 4-10 hours. This is simple, let it sit overnight. Keep the cats and children away from the jar, it’s hot!

4. Strain the infused herb.

How To Make Herbal Infusions Step 4How To Make Herbal Infusions Step 4

Strain the herb into a new jar, or over a bowl. Use the cheese cloth or a tea strainer.

Try to knead the herb to extract more from it.

5. Done and ready to drink.

How To Make Herbal Infusions Step 5

Consume your herbal infusions within 3 days of making.

If you can’t drink fast enough then pour them back into the earth, or use them in your next bath. Never let your water go to waste!

Enjoy the many wonderful healing benefits.

Watch the whole video here

To learn more about herbal infusions, you can hear what the wise women Susun Weed has to say. I just love her.

Herbal Infusions are a wonderful beverage to drink for an herbal remedy that serves medicinal benefits. Let us know how your own recipe went, we love hearing from our fellow homesteaders!

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