How to Make Fire On Top Of Deep Snow

When you're out in the woods and you get caught in a snowstorm, warmth will be very much needed. You might also want some warm food and hot coffee. The comforts of home may still be too far away so you will have to stop for a while and build a fire.

You will need:

a firestarter
tinder/kindling/firewood (all of which can be found out there)
cooking pot

How to Make Fire On Top Of Deep Snow

It's important to remember that staying too long in the freezing cold can be very dangerous. In such a situation, we suggest that you get to a safe and warm place as soon as possible. Do not try to do this if you do not have the experience or the proper equipment and clothing.

Here is the tutorial. Scroll down for our step-by-step instructions.

1. Flatten the ground a little bit. If you don't, the platform will move one way or another because of the fluffy snow. Tap it down to get the air out and this will make the surface even and level as possible.


2. Get some wood for kindling as well as to create a platform.


3. Look for a stick with a Y-branch. Cut it a little shorter than the legs of the tripod. We will use the branch upside down, so the Y will act as a hook to hang on top of the tripod.


3. Cut a notch on the other end. This will be our pot hanger.


4. Use three long sticks for the tripod. Tie them together at the top.


5. Time to light the fire. Note the position of the tinder over the firewood. The wood is actually our platform.


  • create-fire-deep-snow-2

6. Once you get the fire going, it's time to cook.


7. For this demo, we'll be preparing coffee so we are going to boil some water. Make several snow balls, seeing to it that the snow is compacted thoroughly to reduce the air and increase the water content. Remember, snow is 90% air and only 10% water.


8. Put the balls into the pot then wait for it to boil.


9. When the water is boiling, remove the pot from the fire. The pot hanger prevents getting burned.


10. Add coffee and sugar. Mix well.


11. Put the pot back over the fire to warm the coffee.


12. Pour the hot coffee into your cup and enjoy.


Make Fire | How to Make Fire On Top Of Deep Snow

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