How To Make An Easy Portable Can Stove

I’ve had a lot of fun making DIY stoves for camping trips and bug out bags. Homemade camp stoves are way cheaper than store-bought ones, and they’re usually lighter and much more portable. That’s why I recommend everyone try making a stove a two.

Recently, I came across a very simple portable stove on the Youtube channel, Creative Etc. I’m positive that anyone — even people who are terrible at DIY projects — can make this stove. Here’s how to do it.

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Step 1 – Gather your supplies. You’ll need a small paint can (like the one in the picture below), a hammer and nail, four zip ties, four long metal rods or screws (like these) that you can use for the stand, and some denatured alcohol.

Step 2 – Make sure the paint can is completely cleaned out. Then, take your hammer and nail and use them to make tiny holes in the lip at the top of the can. The holes should be 1 – 2 centimeters apart and you should end up with 20 – 30 in all, depending on the size of the can.

Step 3 – Using a pair of pliers, bend the metal rods or screws into the shape in the picture below. These will be used for the stand that holds the pot or pan above the flame.

Step 4 – Use the four zip ties to attach the four rods or screws to each other in order to create a stand like in the picture below. Cut off the unused parts of the zip ties.

Step 5 – Fill the can most of the way with denatured alcohol.

Step 6 – Now put the lid back on the can and pour a tiny bit of denatured alcohol into it.

Step 7 – Using a lighter, light the alcohol in the lid, then place the stand over it. Now you are ready to start cooking!

Watch the video below to see this DIY stove get built.

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