How to Make a Tuna Oil Lamp

Have you ever heard of a tuna oil lamp? A tuna oil lamp is a light source that uses the oil from a typical tuna can.

Tuna Oil Lamp: Surviving The Night With A Can Of Tuna

Survival/emergency situations always push us to be ever more resourceful. When darkness catches you in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have a flashlight, you can turn to the food you brought along. You’re definitely in luck when you have a can of tuna. The vegetable oil is flammable so it can be used as fuel for your candle. Here’s a tutorial from The King of Random on how to make a tuna oil lamp.

Here’s what you will need:

  • a can of tuna in vegetable oil
  • paper towel or cotton string
  • matches or any fire starter
  • garden scissors or hammer and nail

Step 1. Put a hole in the middle of the tuna can

Put A Hole In The Middle Of The Tuna | How to Make a Tuna Oil Lamp
You can use a nail and hammer, scissors or any sharp pointed tool that can do the job. Make it just right for a small piece of tissue, made into a roll, to pass through the hole.

Step 2. Cut a small portion of tissue paper and roll it into the shape of a wick

Cut A Small Portion Of Tissue Paper And Roll It Into The Shape Of A Wick | How to Make a Tuna Oil Lamp
Cut away a small piece of tissue paper from the roll and roll it into a wick. The length of the tissue roll will depend on the size of the tuna can you have with you. If you have a piece of string, well and good.

Step 3. Insert the paper/string into the hole

Insert The Paper/String Into The Hole | How to Make a Tuna Oil Lamp
Insert the tissue roll or the string into the hole of the tuna can, making sure it reaches the bottom. This will ensure you are able to use up every ounce of vegetable oil in the tuna can. Bacon grease is also a great source of fuel.

Step 4. Use any fire starter to light up the wick

Use Any Fire Starter To Light Up The Wick  | How to Make a Tuna Oil Lamp
Now you have a candle for illumination and warmth. You may also use it to cook some food, and yes you can eat the tuna later. The oil in tuna can last for two to three hours.

Check out the full video tutorial below by the King of Random:

Resourcefulness, ingenuity (even if you have not thought of this yourself) is a great skill for one to survive whatever challenges is in their way. Of course, there are other DIY survival candles to light up the dark, but nothing beats being prepared. Train hard and practice your survival skills regularly so when the SHTF, you can definitely have an edge over those who didn’t.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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