How To Make A Kebab Machine

We all love to eat, from time to time, that delicious kebab! Whether it’s cooked in a specialized restaurant or prepared in someone’s home, that meat dish is simply irresistible. That is why we are going to show you the greatest trick ever: how to make kebab on skewer sticks at home. Actually, this next DIY project will unveil the process in which you build your own kebab machine! The really impressive part is that the finished product will only need a few items that may already be lying around the house and plastic bottles. You can see in the clip that the device is quite simple to manufacture and ready to use right away. One filling of the machine with meat (chicken meat in the case shown) can yield 3-4 kebabs on skewer. Enjoy! If you liked my idea of making the DIY Lula Kebab machine at home, click “like” buttons and share in your comments what you would like me to show in my next video!

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