How To Fix A Dead Cell In A Car Battery

There are many problems that may take place with an automobile. To be certain, we all need our car to get us from one point to another but quite frankly, it

can be an expensive process, especially when things go wrong. One of the more common problems that take place with an automobile is for the battery to die.

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And a lot of people want to know how much to replace a car battery?

Well a new battery may cost you over $100 as battery prices have skyrocketed in the past couple years but there may be ways to fix a dead battery and get a lot more life out of it.

In fact, you may even be able to get up to five years of additional life out of a dead battery. With that being said you might not even see that lifespan out of a brand new car battery.

How To Bring Back A Dead Car Battery

Would it surprise you to learn that there are garages out there purchasing “dead batteries” and bringing them back to life in order to sell them again?

They understand the secret of how to fix a dead cell in a car battery and it is not as difficult as what you might think. In fact, once you understand how to do it yourself, you will be able to save a lot of money and frustration when the problem arises.

How To Repair Car Battery With Epsom Salts

The first thing you will need to do is mix up the solution that will be used in the reconditioning process. The basic combination is 1/2 gallons of distilled water to 1/2 pound of Epsom salt. Boil the water and then mix in the salt until it is completely dissolved. It is also possible to buy battery acid at a local auto parts shop if you don’t want to fix it yourself.

Safety is always a priority so be sure that you wear eye protection and gloves to avoid burns. If you do happen to get any battery acid on your skin, clean it immediately. If it gets into your eyes, seek medical attention.

Clean the battery thoroughly with a solution of clean water and baking soda. This helps to neutralize any battery acid and prevents contamination from occurring that could ruin the process. If there is any corrosion on the battery terminals, be sure that they are thoroughly cleaned as well.

Remove the battery cell covers using a screwdriver or similar tool. Drill holes at the impressions around the plastic caps. This will allow you to pour in the battery acid.

Be sure that you use a plastic funnel because metal will react with the battery acid and cause problems. Be sure that the lead plates are completely covered with battery acid and at that point, you may replace the battery covers.

It is now time to charge the battery. Connect the battery charger to the terminals and put it on trickle charge for a minimum of 24 hours. In order to increase the lifespan of the battery, you can charge it multiple times. At that point, the battery is ready to be replaced in the automobile.

Once you know how to fix a dead cell in a car battery, you can do it fairly easily. It will save you money and extend the life of your battery considerably.

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