How To Escape Handcuffs Using A Paper Clip

Would you like to know how to escape handcuffs using a paper clip? This is a badass skill to learn and one that you might actually save your life someday!

How to Escape Handcuffs | Breaking out with a Paper Clip

Handcuffs are not the most complicated of locks and this trick is not really a big secret. In unfortunate times and if someone abducts you for a reason, this might come in useful. With that said, having a paper clip as one of your everyday carry items is not bad at all. If you want to learn this crafty skill, here are the steps to do that. But please, don’t use this to escape from the police if you don’t want to have any problem with the authorities.

Step 1: Make the Paperclip/Key

Step 1: Make the Paperclip/Key | How to Escape Handcuffs Using A Paper Clip
Start by biting the small end of your paper clip so there’s a little dent at the top near the end. Unfold the side of the clip to make a little handle. This will be your makeshift key to free you from the handcuffs.

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Step 2: Paper clip to Keyhole

Step 2: Paperclip to Keyhole | How to Escape Handcuffs Using A Paper Clip
Hold the clip between your third and fourth finger and guide the head of the paper clip through the keyhole. Use the meaty part of your thumb to turn the makeshift handle and free your hand.

Step 3: Free the Other Hand

Step 3: Free the Other Hand | How to Escape Handcuffs Using A Paper Clip
Once you have one hand lose, it’s really easy to free the other hand as well. In just a few seconds, you’re free from the handcuffs. As a rule of thumb, go on the top edge of the keyhole on the thin side of the cuffs then turn toward the wide end of the cuffs to open them.

Important Notes:

Important Notes | How to Escape Handcuffs Using A Paper Clip
Other handcuffs have double-locking mechanism so picking that will be a little more difficult. To disengage the double-lock, turn the paper clip in the other direction until you hear a click, and then go ahead and open the cuffs the same way as instructed in the steps.

Check out this video by The King of Random on using a paper clip to pick a handcuff:

That’s all there is to it. Just remember whatever you do, never use this to try to escape from the police. It will only cause you more problems if you do. Come to think of it, staying out of trouble is always better, isn’t it? On the other hand, if you are in a life and death situation wherein you’re kidnapped or held hostage, mastery of freeing yourself from cuffs might save your life on a given day.

What can you say about escaping handcuffs using a paper clip? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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