How To Easily Build a 2 Week Emergency Food Supply

How To Easily Build a 2 Week Emergency Food Supply
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How To Easily Build a 2 Week Emergency Food Supply
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If you are brand new to prepping and want to start stockpiling food, it can be very difficult to get started. They say you should store what you eat, but what if most of what you eat is fast food, frozen meals, and other foods that have to be kept in the refrigerator? Won’t that be a problem if the power goes out?

That is just one of the many overwhelming thoughts that new preppers have to deal with. They have to find foods that are affordable, have a long shelf life, and won’t be too difficult to cook in a grid-down scenario. It’s easier said than done if you’ve never thought about it before.

In my opinion, a good way to get started is to simply copy what someone else has done. Get two weeks of food in your pantry ASAP (because you never know when a disaster will strike), and later you can start tweaking your food supply to better fit your family‘s needs.

City Prepping came up with a list of two week’s worth of food, and I think new preppers who don’t know where to begin should follow his example. The foods are easy to cook, easy to store, and provide plenty of nutrition.

Here’s his list:

  1. Rice – 20 pounds
  2. Beans – 20 pounds or cans
  3. Canned meat – 20 cans
  4. Canned fruit – 20 cans
  5. Canned veggies – 20 cans
  6. Canned soup – 20 cans
  7. Powdered milk – 1 box
  8. Cereal – 2 boxes
  9. Oatmeal – 5 pounds
  10. Peanut butter – 2 jars
  11. Pancake mix – 10 pounds
  12. Honey/Jam/Syrup
  13. Pasta – 20 pounds
  14. Spaghetti sauce – 12 jars
  15. Salt – 1 large jar
  16. Oil such as olive oil
  17. Coffee or tea
  18. Spices and condiments
  19. Nuts such as mixed nuts
  20. Packaged meals

Watch the video below to find out why he chose these particular foods along with some additional considerations and how to go beyond two weeks of food.

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