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How To Build Your Own Underground Bunker For Survival

Want to build your own underground bunker? This world is full of uncertainties that an apocalyptic scenario might befall anytime, so keep your family away from harm’s way by building an underground bunker!

Underground Bunker | Your Personal Haven

With all the things happening in the world today –social unrest, terrorist attack, natural disasters and whatnot –we can never be too complacent and jeopardize our family’s safety. We need to protect them at all cost thus having a safe and secure haven is truly a must. An awesome way to do it is to build an underground bunker. Check out the instructions below and follow them accordingly.

The Plan

The Plan | How To Build Your Own Underground Bunker For Survival
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Every devoted survivalist knows that planning is the first thing they need to do regardless of what they have to deal with, and constructing an underground bunker is no different. Before you start excavating your preferred spot, you need to consider a lot factors such as the type of soil or if there are any obstructions like gas lines and whatnot.

You must check if it’s suitable to build it under your house or you need to find some place else. If planning construction projects are not your forte then you might want to ask for some professional help. They can give you an out-and-out information if it’s ideal to build it under your home or not.

Start Digging

Start Digging | How To Build Your Own Underground Bunker For Survival
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Once you have all the necessary legal requirements and you have all the information and materials you need in building an underground bunker then let’s get to digging. Dig a hole according to your construction plan. You can do it old school style with a use of a shovel or you can make the whole process faster by using heavy machinery such as a backhoe. You can rent it or you can just get someone with the machinery you need to assist you.

Build The Structure

Build The Structure | How To Build Your Own Underground Bunker For Survival
image via survival-mastery

The structure of your underground bunker can be built by yourself or you can just purchase a shipping crate but make sure it will fit the hole. If you’re going to build the structure with your own hands, you will need to plan even more because the materials you need to use are of utmost importance.

You also need basic knowledge in making an underground structure. You can use wood for structuring but if it’s not treated then it will decompose easily. Concrete is always a better option when building the structure of an underground bunker. It has the strength to withstand underground construction and it is more cost-effective.

Create Passages

Create Passages | How To Build Your Own Underground Bunker For Survival
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When it comes to passages, accessibility should always play a major role. You can build passages from your home going to your bunker as an alternative way to get there faster especially when SHTF. Make sure the passages are safe by using the right materials in building your passages structure.

You can use scaffolding poles to support the passages but it is not advisable to use in supporting the ceiling. Pillars constructed of bricks is a good option but concrete is the best material for this kind of project.

Watch Out For Obstructions

Watch Out For Obstructions | How To Build Your Own Underground Bunker For Survival
image via chadperson

When building an underground bunker, always be on a lookout for water and gas pipes, electrical circuits and rocks for they will be a hindrance to your project.

If you happen to run into such things, you can find another spot to dig in. But if you come across an underground water, you can take advantage of it by making it a source of your water supply.

Never Disregard Safety

Never Disregard Safety | How To Build Your Own Underground Bunker For Survival
image via truthsurvival

You should never disregard safety when building this project. Severe weather is a mighty adversary when it comes to making your bunker secured. You have to make sure no water will come into your bunker by covering your ceiling with water-proof sheets.

With various SHTF situation, there will also come a point where you need to sound-proof your bunker because you don’t want to whisper all the time in your secret hiding spot. And speaking of secret spots, you might want to consider not building your bunker out in the open for it will contradict the whole idea.

Air, Water, And Electricity

Air, Water, And Electricity | How To Build Your Own Underground Bunker For Survival
image via survival-mastery

Your underground bunker will not be complete if it doesn’t have all the survival features you require. It will be very difficult for you to survive without water, ventilation, electricity and of course, food. Keep in mind this place should have all the necessary things you need in order to survive whatever SHTF episode that will unfold before your eyes.

Check out this video for more awesome underground bunker idea and info!

Being a devoted prepper and survivalist, we should know the value of preparation to overcome whatever perilous circumstances we have to deal with. It’s time to batten down the hatches. Our family’s safety is what matters most especially when SHTF.

I know we can always hope for the best but we also need to keep in mind the significance of preparing for the worst. We can withstand and come out alive from any survival situation if we are well-prepared because the ill-prepared will end up with nothing but regrets and despair. Learn. Prepare. Survive.


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