How to build a Straw Bale Greenhouse

So why in the world would someone want to build a straw bale greenhouse? Well for starters they are dirt cheap to build. (you might even have some of the stuff laying around your house)

They’re also extremely insulated because of how think the walls and they can be built very fast. Having a garden opens a door to lots of opportunities, such as building an outdoor area for relaxation, setting up a cozy place for your pets and even creating your very own greenhouse.

Let’s focus a bit on the latter. Your very own greenhouse can be the perfect way for you to start gardening and growing your own plants.

Plus you can even spare a few bucks, as you no longer have to buy fruits and vegetables. But greenhouses can also be a bit expensive to build and maintain, right?

which is a straw bale greenhouse that is so easy and cheap to build that anyone can do it at home.

It is the perfect way to extend the growing season of your garden, but also stay inside the budget. Building your own greenhouse is more easier than it sounds, especially if you already have a base you can transform. Take this next case, where an already built shed was turned into a green house, thanks to its great south facing position.

The owner added a few raised beds to the structure and then created the structures for the plastic roof. This way the shed became sunny and the roof lets in plenty of sunlight so much needed for the growth of fruits and vegetables. The outside of the green house was surrounded with straw bales as these will do an amazing job at keeping moisture away.

The total cost of the project was $300 as the shed was already built and has a size of 10 feet by 14 feet. Take a look at the entire photo gallery for some extra information and observe the details

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