How to Build A Spider Shelter | A Survival Life Guide

A spider shelter is a type of debris shelter that uses more posts for its framework, making it look like a spider web. Learn how to build one in this Survival Life guide.

Spider Shelter: Surviving the Wild Outdoors

A spider shelter is similar to a debris shelter, however, this type of survival shelter is more spacious. It uses more posts on its framework, providing more space for your survival gear and equipment. Building a spider shelter is as easy as building a debris shelter. Scroll on to know how to build one to survive the wild outdoors.

Gathering the Materials

Gathering the Materials | How to Build A Spider Shelter | A Survival Life Guide
Image via Sensible Survival

Your goal here is to find a branch that is at least a bit longer than your height. This will serve as the sloped beam that goes back like a spinal cord. Secondly, find four branches around two feet tall. These four branches will serve as the support for the long branch and will carry the weight of the structure. Don’t forget to gather debris to cover your shelter.

Establishing The Framework

Establishing The Framework | How to Build A Spider Shelter | A Survival Life Guide
Image via Animal Man Survivor

Using the four smaller branches, make a pyramid-like structure and have them all intertwined together. Put one end of the longest branch on top of the structure. This will form a web-like structure and becomes the framework of your spider shelter.

Filling the Gaps

Filling the Gaps | How to Build A Spider Shelter | A Survival Life Guide
Image via Woodland Survival

On this step, you have to use some other branches to fill in the gaps in your framework. This will create a rib-like form on the framework. Make sure to place them well to keep your shelter from collapsing as you put the debris to cover the spider shelter. Your shelter will now look like a combination of a wickiup and debris shelter.

Covering Materials

Covering Materials | How to Build A Spider Shelter | A Survival Life Guide
Image via Tillman Bauknight II

This is the part where you’ll be using the debris around you to cover the shelter. The cover will provide insulation for your shelter and could even be waterproof. You can use dried leaves with twigs and sticks for this.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches | How to Build A Spider Shelter | A Survival Life Guide
Image via Danishbushcrafter

To finish the shelter, you have to put some weight on the covering. This will prevent the heavy wind from blowing your shelter’s covering. It also serves as additional support to the structure. You can use small stones or branches but, make sure they’re not too heavy to keep your shelter from collapsing.

Learn how to build a sleeping mat for your spider shelter in this video:

The spider shelter is useful for people trying to survive the wild outdoors and for those who are traveling light. Simple and easy to make, you can now have warmth inside your spider shelter when it’s cold. It can also protect you from extreme heat when the sun is out. Now that you’ve learned how to put up a spider shelter, what are you waiting for? Pack your survival gear now and head into the wild outdoors!

Do you have additional tips in building a spider shelter? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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How to Build A Spider Shelter | A Survival Life Guide

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