How To Build A Rolling Cart For Your Grill

Don’t be fooled by appearances! Making a BBQ isn’t an easy task. It requires your attention with the right temperatures and handling of the meat and other produce involved in the process. That is only a couple of reasons to why a barbecue grill table will greatly improve your performances. Without further a due, here are the materials you will need in order to complete a DIY project like this: Oak, Cedar, Teak, or Cyprus Timber, 2×4 Pressure Treated Timber, Oak Groove Boards, Corrosion Resistant Fasteners, Stainless Steel or Brass Hinges and Drawer Pulls, Construction Adhesive, Exterior Grade Finish, Large Heavy-duty Wheel Casters. As tools you should have at hand a table saw, a cordless drill, measuring tape, as well as an oscillating multi-tool. This project is called “Big Green Egg”, and more details are available below…

DIY-Barbecue-Grill-Table-2 DIY-Barbecue-Grill-Table-3 DIY-Barbecue-Grill-Table-4

Photos and details By Matt Christianson and Paul Mayer

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DIY-Barbecue-Grill-Table-5more details here…

DIY-Barbecue-Grill-Table-6more details here…

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