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Want to know how to build a pyramid fire? Keep reading and learn how to make one with a high success rate and start your fire in no time!

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Learn How to Build a Pyramid Fire

Pyramid Fire Steps

Usually, when you build a fire, you have to maintain it. Whether that means fanning the flames, adding more wood and keeping it safe from moisture, especially during rainy weather.

Unfortunately, when you're out in the wilderness, it's difficult to retain your attention on just one thing. You've got to worry about food, shelter, and water among other things.

That's where self-sufficient fire building methods come in handy, like the pyramid fire. Made from stacked logs, kindling and tinder, the pyramid fire can be left alone to burn for over an hour making it an ideal fire for when you've got other things to do.

Other fire building methods include teepee fire, cross ditch fire, and lean-to fire. For now, we are going to look into the pyramid method with the simple tutorial below.

Step 1: Collect Logs and Stack

Gather about 5 logs of different sizes, starting from large to small, in order to build the pyramid. Stack them in a pyramid form (like in the picture below) by playing 5 of the same size parallel to each other on the ground, then placing another smaller stack in a perpendicular direction.

Create anywhere from 5 to 7 layers.

Step 2: Add Tinder

Leave a bit of space at the top layer of logs. This surface area in the middle is where your tinder will go.

A bigger tinder space creates hot fire really quick so you can adjust it to your liking. Space will also allow a path for airflow which is needed to start the fire.

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Step 3: Top Off with Kindling

Place a good amount of kindling over the tinder and top layer of the pyramid. Use small pieces of wood dry enough with just the right size to make it easily flammable.

Kindling is used to ignite the larger pieces of wood to build the fire.

Step 4: Light the Tinder

Go through the logs and start a fire where the tinder is. The idea behind this fire lay is for it to be a one-match fire.

Now all you need to do is light the match and watch your fire build-up. The fire should last for over an hour without any maintenance.

Watch this video by EastWoodlandSurvival on building a pyramid fire:

How's that for a systematic way of building a fire? It shouldn't be too difficult to follow these easy steps.

Position the logs, kindling, and tinder as it should and have enough space for air to pass through. Most importantly, you'll be able to use the heat to best of your advantage.

What do you think of this pyramid fire building guide? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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How To Build A Pyramid Fire | Survival Life |

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