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Want to learn how to build a chicken coop? Follow these 4 Easy Steps and you’ll have your very own chicken heaven in no time. Check it out!

How to Build a Chicken Coop in 4 Easy Steps

Building your own chicken coop shouldn’t be a chore. Did you know that you can actually do it by following 4 easy steps? Yes, you heard it right, I’ve been a homesteader for years, and there are just four things that you have to be mindful of when building your DIY chicken coop. The space that you have outside your home doesn’t really matter much. It’s so easy, don’t be too surprised. Just follow these instructions step by step and you’ll have your own chicken coop in no time!

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1. STEP 1: Know the number of chickens.

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Did you know that for each chicken you should have at least 4 sq. ft.? So if you’re planning to get started with 5 chickens in your coop, then you should have at least 20 sq. ft. of space. That being said, it’s very important that you plan on how many chickens you are going to have. I’m sure you wouldn’t want them to be all cramped up, right? Plan this first and make the ideal dimension for your coop. It’s also recommended to make it a little bigger than the recommended space required for each chicken.

2. STEP 2: Plan Your Chicken Coop

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Planning is a vital component in building your chicken coop. Remember, you’re building a home for your chickens and the main goal is to keep them safe and comfortable.

Consider these 7 things when planning your chicken coop

I. Choose the right materials

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Chicken wire mesh is the ideal material you can use to cover the outer portion of your coop. For the locks, since you have to consider that chickens are easy prey, choose one that won’t be easily flicked open. I’m sure you don’t want any unwanted visitors in your coop.

II. Prop Your Coop Up

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Elevation has many benefits. Build your coop at least 2-3 feet from the ground. Doing so will ensure that their feet will stay dry during the rainy season and it will also allow them to move freely. This set-up also adds protection from predators.

III. Include a Perch Area

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Have you noticed how chickens usually sleep? They’re more comfortable when they are perched. Offer enough space for this so they don’t get too cramped.

IV. Nesting Boxes

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You’ll need a nesting area for the hens to safely lay their eggs. Keep it at least 4 inches deep to keep the eggs safe. Make it large enough so they can lay as many eggs as they can since they will lay eggs every 1-2 days.

V. Proper Ventilation

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Like all animals, chickens require fresh air. They can easily get sick if the air is stale inside the coop. Make sure that there is sufficient airflow by adding a vent or a window.

VI. Adequate Insulation

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Did you know that a well-insulated chicken coop will prolong the life of your chickens? Make sure you are aware about what kind of weather conditions the coop will be exposed to. Once you do, base the insulating materials you’ll be using on those facts. If you use a heat lamp, make sure it is safe and won’t burn the place down – tips here.

VII. Accessibility

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Your chicken coop should not only be chicken-friendly but human-friendly as well. You have to remember that you’ll be cleaning and collecting eggs. Put access doors and dropping trays to make clean up easy.

3. STEP 3: Gather Materials and Tools

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Now that you’re done planning. Start collecting all the materials and tool you’ll need to start building your coop. Be sure to take accurate measurements so you’d be able to estimate how much material you’ll need to build your chickens’ home.

4. STEP 4: Build Your Coop!

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Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to start building! Follow the step-by-step procedure based on the plan you made. Measure twice, cut once. Start with the foundation first moving up. The doors, windows and roofing should be done last.

Click Here To Download Chicken Coop Plans

How To Build A Chicken Coop

And there you have it. In just 4 easy steps, you can start building your very own chicken coop! I’m sure you’ll have happy, healthy chickens after this.

Click here to watch how this homesteader built a very simple chicken coop out of pallets:

Do these steps make it easier for you to start building your own chicken coop? Let us know below in the comments!

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