How To Build A Cargo Bike

Having a bike nowadays is probably the best thing can happen to you in terms of personal urban transportation. You can travel more free and with ease if you own a bike than if own a car. The most common negative point of a bike is not having the space needed for transportation. A cargo bike can help you change that! A DIY project like the one you can see in the photos can be easy for people who are accustomed with metal work. Because if you want something which can carry heavy weights, attaching a basket or a trailer to your bike is not enough! It will require installing a suitable frame. Check out the next photos and the links to find out more about the DIY process and what steps are needed to take in order to build a cargo bike. A man built a Cargo Bike in his kitchen. See how it was possible.

“So I built a Cargo Bike in my Kitchen. Why Build one? Because it’s fun and I wanted one anyway. One other reason is that most Cargo Bikes you can buy only come in one frame size which is usually too small for tall people like me to ride comfortably. “


cargo-bike-2“First Step, cutting the main steel pipe. I don’t have any stationary powertools so I had to do this by hand using a crappy angle saw.”


cargo-bike-4“Arranged the pieces to see if I got the angles right”

cargo-bike-5“Next the steering tube and downtube from the donor frame had to go.”



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