How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

Home Garden How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

Want to know how your garden affects your well-being? Let’s dig a bit and find out if gardening affects us.

How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being

The study shows that our environments can help increase or reduce our stress, which in turn affects our bodies. What we are hearing, seeing and experiencing at any moment is not only affecting our mood but how our body is working.

A pleasing environment abolishes whatever stressful feelings we earn from an unpleasing environment. Thus, being in the pleasing environment of nature or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. It does allow us to feel better emotionally, increases our physical well-being, reduces production of stress hormones, blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.

People who spend more time in nature have a significantly more positive outlook on life than people who does not spend time with nature. Understanding with nature increases people’s feelings of liveliness and energy, and consequently has a huge positive effect on their overall mental health. People who spend time outside every day are less likely to be stressed, and thus, have fewer anxieties on their mental health

These are just a few of the many reasons why your garden is a perfect place to get started with a better self-care.

Kudos to the guys of who have come up with this amazing infographic that will provide us great ideas that can optimize our space to improve our well-being. Check it below!

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Design Tips And Tricks To Transform Your Garden For Peace and Wellness

Taking better care of yourself can start with taking care of your garden.

The principles of feng shui are more commonly applied to your home or workspace, but by creating a ‘bagua’, or energy map, of your garden – from outdoor furniture and water features, to where to place your yoga mat – you can optimize your outdoor space for mental wellbeing for the whole family.

Feng Shui Your Garden

Nort West

Nort West | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • Energy : Benefits, helpful people and travel
  • Brings : Travel luck and helpful people
  • Element: Metal
  • Colors : Gray, white, black and metallic V
  • Perfect for : Sitting area to meet people and possibly discuss business


North | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • Energy : Career and path in life
  • Brings : Career, luck
  • Element: Water
  • Colors : Black or blue
  • Perfect for : Rockery

North East

North East | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • Energy : Personal growth and spiritual growth
  • Brings : Education, luck
  • Element: Earth
  • Colors : Yellow, brown
  • Perfect for : Zen garden and outdoor reading bench


West | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • Energy : Children and creativity
  • Brings : Creativity and kids luck
  • Element: Metal
  • Colors : White, silver, grey, copper
  • Perfect for : Playground and yoga area


East | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • Energy : Family, health and longevity
  • Brings : family and health
  • Element: Wood
  • Colors : Green
  • Perfect for : Dragon ornament made from wood.

South West

South  | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • Energy : Love, relationships and peace
  • Brings : Romance, luck
  • Element: Earth
  • Colors : Brown, pink, red, white and yellow
  • Perfect for : Eating area with outdoor furniture


South | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • Energy : Fame, success, and recognition
  • Brings : Fame
  • Element: Fire
  • Colors : Red
  • Perfect for : A BBQ, or lighting such as a traditional Japanese lantern

South East

South East | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • Energy : Wealth, opportunity, and abundance
  • Brings : Wealth
  • Element: Soft wood
  • Colors : Purple, green, gold, red, blue
  • Perfect for : Water fountain with floating gold bells.

Healthy Mind

Healthy Mind | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • REGULAR GARDENING can reduce the risk of dementia by up to 36%
  • 16% of the general population are affected by a MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER at any given time.
  • 1 IN 5 ADULTS IN THE US *some 43.8 million* experience mental health issues every year.
  • People experience different levels of stress, depending on THEIR ACCESS TO OUTDOOR SPACE..

Stress Occasions

  • No balcony or outdoor area – 193
  • A balcony – 126
  • A small garden – 86
  • A large leafy garden – 65

Yoga And Mental Health

Yoga And Mental Health | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • 28% OF AMERICANS have participated in YOGA CLASSES, that’s 37 million people.
  • 28% Male
  • 72% Female

Yoga Practitioners | How Does Your Garden Affect Your Well-being | [Infographic]

  • 19% of Yoga Practitioners have attended yoga events in a public place.
  • 75% of Yoga Practitioners are interested in doing so in the future.

3 OUT OF 10 of Americans will participate in yoga over the next year.-that’s more than 80 million people.

What do Yoga Practitioners SAY ABOUT ITS EFFECTS?

  • Good for you – 73%
  • A stress-reliever – 65%
  • A form of meditation – 49%
  • Spiritual – 40%

WHAT MOTIVATES people to start yoga?

  • Stress relief/reduction – 56%
  • Improve of overall health – 49%
  • Mental health – 37%

Spending in Yoga

  • in the USA totals over $16 BILLION from clothing and equipment to classes and accessories.
  • 86% of practitioners report a strong sense of MENTAL CLARITY.


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