Homesteading Health: Bloated? Try This

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Dealing with a bloated belly can be a bummer. There are many different reasons we become bloated. Being bloated can be described as having a full and tight feeling in the abdominal area that is sometimes accompanied by a growling stomach, lack of appetite, and abdominal pain or discomfort.

Homesteading Health: Try These Natural Solutions

Today’s episode on Homesteading Health will lead us down the bloated belly section. I will cover some of the common causes of being bloated, what you can eat or add to your diet to help ease bloating, as well as, what to avoid eating. It’s true that every individual is different so what might be the culprit behind one person’s bloating issues may not be the same for another.

Common Causes

  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Build-up of Bacteria In The Intestines
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • PMS
  • Constipation
  • Dehydration
  • Digestion Issues

These are seven of the main causes a person may become bloated. There are numerous causes that it could be but these seven are the most common. In more severe cases it can be linked to cancer, ulcers, and other serious issues.

Your diet plays a really big role in regulating our poop and the air inside of our belly and digestive tract. A well-balanced diet that includes at least 30 grams of fiber in it can help immensely with these issues. Fiber from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds is some of the best you can get.

Natural Solutions

Natural Solutions | Homesteading Health: Bloated? Try This

Natural Solutions | Homesteading Health: Bloated? Try This

  • Probiotics: Probiotics provide a healthy dose of good bacteria into our system. The bacteria produced from probiotics will help eliminate any of the bad bacteria that is built up in the stomach and digestive tract. Kombucha, ACV, and Kefir are all good ways to get your daily dose or you could take probiotic supplements.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and veggies that are water-rich will help rehydrate those who are dehydrated. They will also provide electrolytes and beneficial enzymes that are important for our gut, as well as, your general well-being. Try adding more raw and steamed veggies to your diet. Artichokes, leafy greens, melons, berries, and much more will benefit you in several ways, especially if you’re bloated.
  • Raw Dairy: Rather than consuming homogenized or pasteurized dairy reach for some that are raw. When dairy products are pasteurized it kills the good enzymes we need for proper digestion. If you are not a fan of dairy products or you eat a vegan diet you can skip the dairy and take in more fruits and vegetables.
  • Spices and Herbs: Spices and herbs are far more than just flavoring for our food. A majority of them pack a punch when it comes to health and healing. Many spices and herbs produce a diuretic effect that causes us to eliminate waste through our urine. This will help with bloating, especially if it is linked to water retention. Ginger and fennel are really good for the gut. Ginger helps your stomach release what it needs to let go and also relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract easing the aches and pains associated with bloat, as well as, eliminating the bloat itself.

Avoid or Cut Back on These Foods

Sometimes it is the very foods and beverages we ingest that causes us to become bloated. Here are three things to avoid or cut back on if you are dealing with bloating issues.

  • Sugar: Sugar ferments while it sits in our belly which can be a contributing factor for the growth of candida. This ultimately leads to inflammation which leads to bloating. Instead, try a natural sweetener like stevia or raw honey.
  • Pasteurized Dairy: I mentioned earlier that the consumption of raw dairy is better than pasteurized dairy when it comes to our gut. Pasteurized dairy doesn’t really have the enzymes we need to do the job because they are killed in the process. Stick with raw dairy if you deal with bloating. Warning some people to experience a belly ache when switching to raw dairy, this may or may not pass with time.
  • Refined Grains: Refined grains contain gluten. Some people suffer from gluten allergies making them sensitive to them. Avoid refined grains if you’re dealing with bloat.

Asian Beauty Secrets gives 8 tips on how to debloat:

Changing your diet can have a huge impact on your health in so many different aspects. If you deal with bloat on a regular basis like I did for a while it’s good to try to make a log book of sorts to try to pinpoint exactly what is causing the issues for you. Keep track of what you consume through the day adding the details pertaining to whether you ended up bloated or not. From there you can change what you need to change.

I hope this week’s edition of Homesteading Health finds you well and in a good way. Happy Healing!

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