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Homemade Farm Feed | 3 Recipes For The Natural Farmer

Home Animals Homemade Farm Feed | 3 Recipes For The Natural Farmer

Raising farm animals, or animals in general for that matter, can become costly when it comes feeding time. There is also the ugly truth that much of the store bought farm feed may have traces of chemicals, and honestly, who knows what is really in there. This is why there is such a need to learn and understand how to make your own homemade farm feed.

Homemade Farm Feed

I like to know exactly what my animals are eating, so I prefer to make my own variations of fresh feed for the fur and feather babies. If you do not already know what nutritional requirements your animals need, then I highly suggest looking into that. It is also wise to familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of deficiencies in order to properly adjust the foods as needed.

Before I get on with the edible ingredients I am going to give you a few good reasons to try making your own:

  1. You know what it is your animals are getting on a regular basis.
  2. You have more control when it comes to making adjustments to their diet whereas store bought food cannot be adjusted you simply get what you get, which can sometimes mean spending more money.
  3. Save money on feeding, especially if you free range.
  4. Animals are happier with fresher foods if you think about it goats, chickens and rabbits do not run around eating concentrated food pellets.
  5. It can be fun and educational if you get the little ones involved.

I apologize in advance for the lack of proper measurements as I just go by scoops. If you do not free range your animals you will need to make extra food for them to make up for what they are missing out on. Amazingly enough, animals know what it is they like, dislike, and what they need to eat.

Chicken Feed

Oats – Peas – Flax – Sesame – Kelp Granules – Oats – Oyster Shell – Coconut Oil – Fresh Kitchen Scraps – Wild Flowers

It has been said that chickens need almost all vitamins except for vitamin C. When you make your chicken’s feed, keep in mind that vitamins A & D are both important for egg production. Just like humans, chickens require many of the same vitamins and minerals we do and if they lack those vitamins they will show signs. Anytime there is something going on with your birds look into the symptoms of deficiencies and you can likely resolve the problem.

Goats & Dairy Goats

Corn – Oats – Bran – Molasses – Alfalfa – Sunflower Seeds – Wheat – Barley – Fresh Beans – Beets – Broccoli – Carrots – Pumpkin – Cabbage – Greens – Chard

goats Homemade Farm Feed | 3 Recipes For The Natural Farmer

I feel as though it is very important for all animals to get out and free range for part of their diet. Dairy and meat goats alike require calcium and magnesium for milk production and growth. A, D, E and B’s are really important for all goats. They also need very low levels of iodine in their daily diet.


rabbit Homemade Farm Feed | 3 Recipes For The Natural Farmer

Rabbits will eat just about everything that is on the goats and chickens list. It is important however to throw in some Timothy and other grasses. A rabbit’s diet should be 75% leafy greens and 25% of everything else.

It is always good to research the animals you have, what they need, what they like, and how to know when something is missing from their diet. Part of making homemade farm feed of value is knowing when to add and subtract various dietary needs. If you have any questions concerning animal feed feel free to post it in the comments section. If you have an abundance of fresh goodies but fear they will go bad dehydrate the fruits and veggies and toss it in the dry mix, they’ll love it.

As I have mentioned, I feel it is important for animals to be able to have fresh foods in their diets, so whether some are free range or not, be sure to incorporate fresh goodies into the diets of any animals. Animals, much like humans, enjoy nice treats every now and then. Take care of your fur and feathered babies and they will take care of you.

Did you like our post on Homemade Farm Feed? Let us know which recipe you are going to try for your animals in the comments section below!

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