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Heirloom Seeds Organic Non GMO Top Quality SEEDS!

If you are on the look out for heirloom seeds organic and non GMO that are high quality then you have come to the right place. Not all organic seeds are created equal. And just because they are organic does not mean that’s cool.

Organic seeds still can be hybridized and are not true to their original genetics.

What does heirloom Seeds Mean?

Heirloom vegetables, seeds, and even animals have not been genetically altered. They are the same as when nature made them. They are naturally resistant to many pests and diseases. They are genetically pure.

This purity imparts immunities that is not seen in modern, genetically altered things. The reason for ensuring that heirloom varieties survive is because of the genetic diversity. It’s like the cheetah. Each individual in the cheetah species is so closely related to one another, there is very little genetic diversity.

One disease could wipe out the whole species, because there is no immunity to fight off disease. The same is true for plants. So that is the reason to use heirloom seeds and also because you can collect and grow your seeds from your own crops.

When using non heirloom seeds if you try to grow them the next year they will not be true to the genetic you grew the first year. I have been searching for heirloom seeds organic non gmo for a long time.

To find the perfect package of everything you need and could almost ever want is nearly impossible and I have even ordered so called organic non gmo heirloom seeds off ebay a bunch of time and they are not really legit sources.

I have bought tons of burbee seeds organic and heirloom and also botanical gardens seeds. To piece together the perfect kit costs a fortune and you do not get many seeds with the pack and they also do not store for a long period of time.

After years of research I have finally found the ultimate heirloom seeds organic non gmo package

They are from surthrival and here is what you get with this package:

SurThrival Seed Can // 1 Acre Survival Garden


    • Organic


    • 90 Heirloom Varieties


    • Non-GMO


    • Open Pollinated


    • Non- Hybrid


The SurThrival Seed Can contains the finest collection of pure non-hybrid open pollinated seeds for the health and survival of you and your family. 

These organic heirloom strains will produce a delicious array of fruits, veggies and grains in your home garden for  optimal nutrition including important proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes with extra greens for a boost from life force promoting chlorophyll plus varieties that provide essential oils, herbal medicinals, and even nectar for your garden pollinators and forage for chickens, horses and cattle.

The SurThrival Seeds Collection provides seeds for barter including the highly prized and rare Hopi Tobacco seeds – the original cultivar of North America. 

All protected inside this steel can in moisture resistant packaging to keep these live embryos fresh and long lasting for years of planting productivity.

Sow, harvest and learn to save seed – your personal seed bank will support a lifestyle of food independence with the pleasure of fresh picked home grown goodness. Harnessing sun energy direct through your very own efforts – for your health freedom and safety!

The SurThrival Seeds Can Kit includes:

  • Companion, Cover Crop, Forageseed can veggies 1
    • Hopi Tobacco – 350 Seeds
    • Alfalfa – 1250 Seeds
    • Buckwheat – 350 Seeds
    • Red Clover – 1600 Seeds
    • Chicory – 270 Seeds
  • Fruits – Melons
    • Hales Best Jumbo Cantaloupe – 50 Seeds
    • Garden Rhubarb – 10 Seeds
    • Sugar Baby Watermelon – 50 Seeds
  • Greens
    • Swiss Chard Barese – 450 Seeds
    • Cilantro – 800 Seeds
    • Lacinato Kale – 800 Seeds
    • Frekles Romaine – 1200 Seeds
    • Sasions Lettuce – 1200 Seeds
    • Forest Green Parsley – 1000 Seeds
    • Bloomsdale Spinach – 550Seeds
  • Culinary Herbs
    • Wild Arugula – 400 Seeds
    • Italian Large Leaf Basil – 400 Seeds
    • Dill Bouquet – 100 Seeds
    • Marjoram – 2400 Seeds
    • Wild Oregano – 70 Seeds
    • Garden Sage – 70 Seeds
    • Summer Savory – 120 Seeds
    • English Broadleaf Thyme – 1200 Seeds
  • Oil Producers
    • Golden Flax – 835 Seeds
    • Black Sesame – 450 Seeds
    • Mammoth Sunflower – 100 Seeds
    • Mexican Chia – 200 Seeds
  • Medicinal Herbs
    • Artemesia – 50 Seeds
    • Ashwagandha – 100 Seeds
    • Astragalus – 10 Seeds
    • Burdock – 50 Seeds
    • Calendula – 20 Seeds
    • Chamomile – 100 Seeds
    • Dandelion – 50 Seeds
    • Echinachea Purpurea – 140 Seeds
    • Evening Primrose – 100 Seeds
    • Holy Basil – 15 Seeds
    • Lambs Quarters – 35 Seeds
    • Lemon Balm – 50 Seeds
    • Lobelia – 100 Seeds
    • Lomatium – 13 Seeds
    • Ma-huang – 25 Seeds
    • Yellow Maca – 35 Seeds
    • Marshmallow – 20 Seeds
    • Stinging Nettles – 70 Seeds
    • Stevia – 20 Seeds
    • Valerian – 70 Seed
    • Wood Betony – 30 Seeds
    • Yarrow – 100 Seeds
    • White Sage – 140 Seeds
  • Vegetables
    • Haricot Vert Bean – 150 Seeds
    • Blue Lake Bush Bean – 100 Seeds
    • Black Turtle Dry Bean – 150 Seeds
    • Bull’s Blood Beets – 200 Seeds
    • Broccoli Di Ciccio – 1000 Seeds
    • Golden Acre Cabbage – 350 Seeds
    • Red Acre Cabbage – 175 Seeds
    • Scarlet Nantes Carrot – 1000 Seeds
    • Snowball Cauliflower – 300 Seeds
    • Utah Giant Celery – 1500 Seeds
    • Sweet Corn – 50 Seeds
    • White Spine Pickling Cucumber – 200 Seeds
    • Straight Eight Cucumber – 100 Seeds
    • Black Beauty Eggplant – 100 Seeds
    • Florence Fennel – 150 Seeds
    • Purple Vienna Kohlrabi – 400Seeds
    • King Richard Leek – 150 Seeds
    • Tokyo Long White Bunching Onion – 150 Seeds
    • Walla Walla Onion – 75 Seeds
    • Progress #9 Shelling Pea – 60 Seeds
    • Mammoth Melting Sugar Snap Pea – 60 Seeds
    • Early Crookneck Summer Squash – 25 Seeds
    • Cocozelle Zucchini Squash – 25 Seeds
    • Waltham Butternut Squash – 50 Seeds
    • Cinderella Pumpkin – 18 Seeds
    • French Breakfast Radish – 300 Seeds
    • Large Cherry Tomato – 225 Seeds
    • Brandywine Pink Tomato – 225 Seeds
    • Purple Top Turnip – 1200 Seeds
  • Peppers
    • Jalapeño M Pepper – 140 Seeds
    • California Wonder Bell Pepper – 100 Seeds
    • Long Red Thin Cayenne – 35 Seeds
    • Anaheim Chile Pepper – 50 Seeds
The Seed Can also contains a Booklet, includes a foreword with Daniel Vitalis, six chapters of Growing and Planting Tips, Seed and Harvesting Information, Growing Guide, Resource Page, and a place to keep track of your gardening notes.

Please note: We have the right to substitute seeds in this kit based on availability.

seed can 2Seed Self-Sufficiency:

  • This Seed can contains just over 30,000 seeds in all. Excluding medicinal herbs and grains, and assuming a conservative 85% germination rate, this can yield in over 8200 pounds of organic produce.
  • At a grocery store, using an average $1 – 2 per lb for organic fruits and vegetables, that would mean anywhere between $8,000 and $16,000 spent at a store, for the equivalent that you can grow from this Seed can.

Variety of Seeds:

  • There are 90 different varieties of plants in this container. You can properly layout any type of garden depending on the space you have available, while meeting your nutritional needs.
  • If you bought individual packs of seeds for each of the 90 plants, it would cost around $250 total with only 15,000 seeds.

Seed Protection:

  • The Seed Can is made of steel (made in USA) and is puncture and rodent resistant. The can is lined to be rust resistant with a tight fitting lid that is able to be opened and resealed easily.
  • Seeds individually packaged inside a large mylar bag which is puncture and moisture resistant.
  • Can contains a clay desiccant, which was chosen because it can successfully regenerate for repeated use without substantial deterioration.
  • Seeds should be stored under a 25% humidity environment.
  • Seeds have varying life span for seed viability. Maintaining proper moisture control and securing the container will double their life span or greater.This Seed collection can maintain good to great viability for 4 to 12 years depending on the individual seeds.

Plant Maturation:

  • We emphasize a larger seed count for those varieties that mature over a shorter period of time and have tolerance for varying sun conditions (i.e. Fordhook Giant Chard and Freckles Romaine).

Environmental Factors:

  • This Seed collection was put together with pollinators in mind, for pollen and nectar feeding. Bees are important for pollinating the flowering plants. Our seeds that are pollinator friendly are: alfalfa, clover, corn, dill, carrot, sunflower, melons (cantaloupe, squash, zucchini, watermelon), just to name a few. Other pollinators include beetles, flies, moths (for tobacco), birds, and butterflies.
  • We selected some plant varieties that can be drought resistant and still produce excellent yield. Garden Rhubarb, Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe, Sugar Baby Watermelon, and Soft White Wheat are some that need minimal watering.
  • We selected some varieties that can withstand depleted soils. Buckwheat is one such crop that will thrive in fertile soils as well as depleted soils.

Garden Maintenance:

  • It is a great idea to feed the soil in your garden. Alfalfa (fixes nitrogen), Buckwheat (protects bare soil), Red Clover (fixes nitrogen and loosens soil), and Chicory (protects bare soil) are great edibles which also make excellent cover crops.
  • Hopi Tobacco makes for a great organic insecticide due to its very high nicotine content. A mixture can be made by boiling tobacco in water and using in a spray bottle on plants.

Superfood and Medicinal Plants:

  • There are several varieties of seeds included in this Can that fall under the medicinal category to support your health in a variety of ways with properties that can boost immunity; are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral; wound healing, aid digestion, and relieve pain; mood, libido, and stamina enhancing; and can support the health of every system of the body.
  • We are excited that our collection includes Astragalus, Yellow Maca, Stevia, Garden Sage, and English Broadleaf Thyme as examples of medicinally beneficial seeds that are typically in very short supply.

Seed Saving:

  • Planting with non-hybrid seeds allows you to harvest seeds from year to year. If you harvest enough from the crops you plant, you can grow your seed bank every year. For example – we provide 200 Amaranth seeds. One Amaranth plant can produce over 5 million seeds (about 1 lb of seeds). You can plant an acre of Amaranth with 1 lb of seeds, which could produce an infinite supply of Amaranth seeds.
  • Another example – We provide 50 Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe. Each melon can produce several hundred seeds. Each seed can produce several melons on the vine.
  • If you are diligent with seed saving, you can multiply your seed supply every year with thousands of seeds – plenty to have you sharing with your entire community while you have the ability to harvest thousands of pounds of delicious produce for you and your family.

Optimal Nutrition

  • Your can of SurThrival Seeds will provide you and your family with all your important nutritional needs including proteins (lentils, beans and alfalfa), carbohydrates (melons, grains and root vegetables), minerals, vitamins, essential oils (flax and chia high in omega-3), and enzymes.
  • You’ll find produce for every color of the rainbow providing you with the variety of phytochemicals that promote vibrant health with anti-oxidants galore – eat lightly steamed and raw as much as possible.
  • Many foods will provide you with important fiber (greens, beans, peas, and melons).
  • Another important factor is being able to provide for your nutrition year round. You will be able to harvest in spring, summer, fall and winter. Some produce will store well so you can continue to enjoy your bounty – through keeping whole in a cool cellar (carrots, onions, butternut squash and pumpkins), canning (tomatoes, plus carrots, cauliflower and cucumbers for pickling), fermenting (cabbage for healthy promoting sauerkraut), and drying (beans, corn and herbs).
Product Size and Weight:

7.5 inches tall by 6.5 wide, 2.065 lbs

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