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Having mold in your house can be a real issue. Prevent the problem before it starts, or clear the mold right away with these green cleaning solutions. Go the natural way to keep mold at bay. I prefer using natural green cleaning products in my home so they’re safe for my family and pets. I hope you find these tips useful!

Prevent Mold In House With These 3 Green Cleaning Tips

Mold can appear in many locations around the household and is most active in hot and humid weather. You can find a solution through the use of humidifiers, but once the problem appears, there are other ways you can handle the growth of mold. You can rely on natural solutions instead of using bleach and other harsh chemicals. There are quite a few ways you can make this work, but we will focus on three of them for the purpose of keeping things practical and simple.

The three solutions you should keep in mind are tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract and white vinegar. There are benefits and drawbacks to them but all three are very efficient fungicides capable of destroying mold spores with repeated contact. There is something else you need to keep in mind—letting mold live for far too long is not only dangerous for your health, but is also a real problem for people suffering from allergies. You need to contain the issue as much as you can as mold infestations can also cause fatigue when inhaled or even worse health conditions, which are not desirable.

Using these for kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning is advisable, but you can also work on carpet and upholstery cleaning if you have mold issues there too. Dry out wet spots all around and fix your roofs and plumbing in the first place.

Keep your eyes open and prevent mold as best as you can with the following solutions:

1. Tea Tree Oil | Prevent Mold In House

Tea Tree Oil

Having a spray made from tea tree oil can help destroy mold and mildew anywhere. You can use it when working on leaking roofs, moldy ceilings or even furniture pieces. Tea tree oil is fairly inexpensive, but you can use it to solve a lot of problems, especially if you need to deal with harder spots. Another thing to consider is that tea tree oil also has a stronger smell, which usually disappears in a few days. Use two teaspoons of tea tree oil and mix them in two cups of water. Pour in a spray bottle and shake it until they mix properly. Finally, spray it on your spot as needed and let it sit so it can do its magic. Use it for kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning as well.

2. Grapefruit Seed Extract | Prevent Mold In House

Grapefruit Seed extract

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It is similar to tea tree oil, but has no lingering scent. You can work on combining twenty or so drops of it with two cups of water, once again using a spray bottle to apply it to places that need the treatment. The results are quite amazing if you need to destroy mold and mildew. It is fair to say you should expect great results when using it.

3. Distilled White Vinegar | Prevent Mold In House

Distilled White Vinegar

It is able to kill more than 80% of your common mold, making it a cheap and effective mold counter. Pour the vinegar in a spray bottle and apply it directly to mold-affected areas, letting it dry off for better results. In a few hours, the smell will disappear and you can wipe the area. Use distilled white vinegar to avoid staining of any surfaces.

If you need more tips, find out what to do with mold and mildew with Clean My Space:

Are you going to give these green cleaning tips a try? Let us know below in the comments!

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