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Looking for gardening ideas on a budget? If you want to start gardening but don’t want to spend a fortune, these practical tips will help.

Gardening Ideas On a Budget

Why do people start gardening? I’m sure everyone has their own reason. Some may say that they do it as a hobby, they start gardening to relax and some, like me, a homesteader, garden to become self-sufficient. I just love to plant and watch as my garden grows but whatever reason you may have on gardening, you shouldn’t really spend a lot on it. There are sure fire ways where you can start gardening and still be within your budget. If you need some help on that area, check out these tips.

Gardening Ideas On a Budget

1. Grow from Seeds

Grow from Seeds | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

Seedlings cost so much more than seeds. You probably know that by now but in case you don’t just try to compare. You’ll save so much money when you start growing your garden from seeds. You can even use a seed tape to make sure they’re spaced evenly and also get more from your seeds by knowing how to properly store them.

Want to check seed catalogs, get your guide on everything there is to know here.

2. Go to a Seed Swap

 Seed Swap | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

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If you don’t know a place, organize your own. Create a group of fellow gardeners and have your own seed swap party. You’ll even get to share gardening tips while you’re at it.

3. Germinate Indoors with Upcycled Materials

Germinate Seeds in Upcycled Materials | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

Want to know how to start germinating? You can start indoors and even try a little upcycling. Repurpose materials you’ll normally throw away. Get ideas here.

4. Grow from Scraps

Growing Celery | Gardening Ideas On a Budget -

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If you’re not really into seeds, why not try growing your garden from scraps? Get to know 10 vegetables you can grow from scraps here.

5. Forage Your Gardening Supplies

Tomato Stakes | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

Seek and you shall find. Take what you need from nature. You can try using bamboo poles for garden centers or even tomato stakes to make DIY fences. When you know where to look, you’ll have everything you need.

6. Design Your Own Garden

DIY Raised Flower Bed | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

Don’t hire professional help if you want to save. Design your own garden by adding a little something here and there. You can try raised garden beds, mound gardening or even hay bale.

7. Amend Your Soil

Amend Soil | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

Learn how to amend your soil but before you do, learn how you can test it the pioneer way.

8. Improve Your Garden Soil Without a Compost Heap

Improve Your Garden Soil Without a Compost Heap | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

image via Whole Food Home

You don’t always need compost to make your soil better. Sometimes you just need a couple of ingredients to make it work. Know about it here.

9. Make a Kitchen Compost Bin

Kitchen Compost Bin | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

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Learn how to compost even in a small space. It’s so easy to make, all you need to do is follow these instructions.

10. Plant Microgreens

Microgreens | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

Add more green to your homestead by planting something indoors. You’ll have fresh greens all year round. See how here.

11. Try Plastic Mulching

Plastic Mulching | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

Suppress weeds, conserve water, and boost crop production with this wonderful gardening solution. Read more about it here.

12. Try Container Gardening

Container Gardening | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

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A great solution to get you started gardening in no time. Save space and plant anywhere! Get tips here.

13. Plant Trees from Twigs

Plant Trees from Twigs | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

Already got trees? Just get some twigs from them and you can start growing a new one in no time. Learn how here.

14. Manage Garden Pests

Common Garden Pests and How to Manage Them | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

You don’t need pesticides to keep garden pests at bay, sometimes you just need some helpful bugs and plants to make sure they stay away. Get more information here. Or you can also try some natural organic pesticides so you can get started on green gardening.

15. Utilize Gray Water

All About Gray Water | Gardening Ideas On a Budget

Are you familiar with gray water? You can use this kind of water on some plants and will ultimately help you on saving a couple of bucks on your water bill. Read more about it here!

Want more ideas? Watch this video from Entertain You:

Which gardening idea are you going to try? Let us know below in the comments!

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