Garden Tool Organization: Easy Hints and Tips

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Although gardening is one of the most rewarding lifestyle habits, it can also be messy – and stressful! With lots of tools spread over lots of space, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of your gardening supplies. We’ve got some easy and creative garden tool organization hints and tips that will not only help to arrange your tools and make the most effective use of your space, but will also minimize your stress and ensure that your garden looks the best it can this summer!

Garden Tool Organization

Garden Tool Organization: Easy Hints and Tips

Garden Tool Organization: Easy Hints and Tips

Make use of wall space

Professional organizers stress the importance of keeping floor space clean and tidy. To do this, gardeners should start to view their empty or exposed walls are canvases for potential works of art – and the tools themselves are like paint for the canvas! Look into hanging a slotwall system, which is a versatile series of grooved panels, on your garden shed or garage walls. You can attach various accessories to these panels, such as hooks, shelves, baskets, and brackets.

These tend to be more affordable systems than investing in cabinet installation, and they make much more effective use of vertical spaces due to the number of creative additions a gardener can choose to add. A pegboard is another option to considerwhen transforming empty walls into works of gardening tool art. These are perforated panels that can be attached to a wall, and hooks and brackets can easily be placed on the panel to store and display tools.

Behind closed doors

If you’re not too keen on the idea of your gardening tools being displayed outright, or worry about potentially knocking them off the walls, consider storing your supplies in a tall cabinet lined with slotwall or customized shelf inserts. As mentioned above, slotwall is an easier DIY option to install inside of your cabinet; shelves require slightly more work, and typically require basic carpentry knowledge in order to be executed. However, this is a visually clean and safe option for your garden tool storage.

Reuse and Repurpose

Chances are you’ve got tons of old household items that are sitting around, just waiting to be used creatively to help store your garden supplies! An old metal or wire basket can be mounted to your wall and used as storage for a hose. A file box that’s not currently in use is a good space to store any bags of seeds, and file separators can be used to divide different types based on planting seasons.

Got an old rake that’s no longer much use and taking up space in your shed? Remove the head of the rake from the handle and mount it on your wall. The prongs can be used as hooks to hang tools or bundles of drying flowers! The same strategy can be applied to an old belt hanger in your closet. Remember that old spice rack and spice jars that you never got around to filling? Small accessories for tools such as nails, matches and screws fit perfectly into your tiny spice jars, and the spice rack will keep everything organized and in one place.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the tools that are required to make a big beautiful garden! These tips and tricks will surely keep all of your supplies safe, sorted, and stored, which will in turn help your garden to flourish!

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