Fight an Ant Invasion Naturally with These 8 Tips

It’s that time of year again when every household will have, at some point, an issue with ants. Ants can be very difficult to get rid of sometimes. Some turn to harsh chemicals to get rid of this very persistent pest while others will turn to all natural repellents as a solution. I recommend that you should always try to find a natural way to control any pest within the home. It’s safer for you, your family, and your pets.

Here are 8 natural methods to help you successfully rid your home of ants this summer.

1. Vinegar


Mix it with water in equal amounts into a spray bottle.This is a highly effective method of getting rid of ants. By spraying vinegar on the ant’s entry paths, you are spreading a very strong scent that ants hate, making them avoid it. Make sure you cover all the corners and areas, including your counter tops, sink, and windows. Allow the vinegar dry completely.

2. Table Salt

table salt

This is the best and cheapest way to get rid of ants. Boil water and add salt to it. Pour salty water into a spray bottle and spread in places where you usually see the ants.

3. Pepper

black pepper

Pepper is as effective as salt. Both cayenne and black pepper work wonders. Mix pepper with water, spray it on areas where the ants travel in your home and soon they all will disappear.

4. Lemon


Lemon is the most effective fruit in a case of an ant invasion. Mix some lemon juice with water and spray it around all of the areas of your home where ants are traveling. This is one of the most optimal remedies that help to get rid of ants.

5. Cucumber


Ants can’t stand its taste! So, if you can’t stand ants, cucumber is your helping hand. Take a cucumber and cut it into pieces. Place pieces in any ant affected areas. Pretty soon they’ll leave your house.

6. Baby Powder

baby powder

Sprinkle baby powder wherever you see the ants. Ants hate scented talcum and try to stay away from it. This method works best if you sprinkle it at their place of entry.

7. Cornmeal


Spread cornmeal over the affected areas. Though this ingredient is absolutely safe, ants cannot digest cornmeal and they will die.

8. Liquid Dish Soap

dish soap

This is an item everyone will have in their home. The components of soap are very harmful to all types of ants. They break down in waxy layers of the pests’ exoskeleton, causing dehydration. Mix soap with water and spray it in the entry points.

Tips to Help Prevent an Ant Invasion in Your Home:

  • Clear away liquid and food spillages immediately.
  • Always cover the food you leave in the kitchen.
  • Ensure that all the rubbish bins you have in your house have tightly sealed lids.
  • Clean food debris that is usually found under kitchen appliances.
  • After your pet has finished eating, clear away their food immediately.
  • Keep compost covered and enclosed.

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