Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning

Looking for some energy saving tips for spring? If you want to save on your electricity bill, then here are some tips that will come in handy while spring cleaning your homestead.

Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Homestead

Spring is here! It’s the season of allergies, so you’re probably out to do a lot of cleaning. But wouldn’t it be nice if all that cleaning can help you too? With everything going on, I decided that I should start and cut what I can from my electricity bill this spring. So if you want to do the same, I’m sharing some tips that are easy enough for anyone to try.

Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning

You can thank for these invaluable tips.

Spring Clean Your Way To Energy Savings – Tips From An Electrician

This year, do yourself a favor: Reduce your energy bill while by getting creative, expanding your cleaning to include your electrical-related needs. These five tips will help your house be cleaner while saving money.

Do-It-Yourself Tips

Try these quick DIY tips before doing any DIY electrical cleaning. But first turn off all power for safety reasons.

1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan Direction

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan Direction | Energy Saving Tips For Spring CleaningReverse Your Ceiling Fan Direction | Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning
image via wikipedia

Did you know most fans have a switch that allows you to run your ceiling fan clockwise or counter clockwise? Flip the switch in spring and summer to counter-clockwise to save up to 10% on your bills. The wind-chill effect that is produced allows your home to cool while saving electricity.

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2. Dust, Dust, and More Dusting

Dust, Dust, and More Dusting | Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning

Dust, Dust, and More Dusting | Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning

Did you know the more dust that gathers in your home, the less efficient electronics run? If you have vents or computers, dust can cause overheating. Make sure to dust regularly to avoid computer fires and electrical failures!

According to Electrical Contacts—IEEE Holm Conference, dust contamination can cause current disruption in electrical contacts. Avoid this problem by keeping a tidy home, and purchasing air purifiers to remove contaminates from the air.

3. Change Those Light Bulbs

Change Those Light Bulbs | Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning

Change Those Light Bulbs | Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning

As of 1/2012, all light bulbs must be energy efficient. By switching over this spring, you help decrease your energy use while increasing your savings. This quick DIY fix also helps cool down the wattage used in your light bulbs. High light wattage can cause serious damage in fixtures, ceilings, devices, walls and more.

4. Clean Your Power Outlets

Clean Your Power Outlets | Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning

Clean Your Power Outlets | Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning

In order to eliminate dust, grime and dirt on or around your power outlets, first turn off the power then unscrew the power plate covers and use an all purpose cleaner with a Q-Tip to remove any excess grease, dust or dirt. Remember not to put the Q-Tip inside the electrical outlet! When finished, screw the plate on and turn your power on. This helps eliminate any fire hazards while removing dust affecting your power outlets.

5. Going The Extra Mile – Hiring An Electrician

Going The Extra Mile - Hiring An Electrician | Energy Saving Tips For Spring CleaningGoing The Extra Mile - Hiring An Electrician | Energy Saving Tips For Spring Cleaning
image via electriciansquad

This spring, if you seem to have more electrical problems than the ones listed above, you may want to hire an electrician. By doing so, you will get the full electrical cleaning you deserve. An electrician can provide a variety of services including: Fixing Faulty Outlets, Correcting Tripped Circuit Breakers and Fixing Any Wire Issues.

Bright Ideas For Saving Money

Fact: If every household replaced just one incandescent bulb with an “Energy Star” light bulb, one would save $40 or more over their lifetime.

Fact: The average household uses 50 light bulbs – which would mean each home would save over $2,000 throughout their life. Americans would save close to $700 million each year in energy cost.

Remember: Never try to test electrical outlets or fix faulty wires on your own, as this is a fire hazard and could have negative, even hazardous effect on your home. If you are considering going above and beyond these quick fixes, make sure the electrician you hire has experience, is trained and licensed. Always look for someone local who is, licensed in the state and has great online reviews.

Saving energy isn’t just about helping us save electricity or be more energy efficient — it’s also a great way to save money. So, folks, these tasks around the homestead are pretty much doable. Make use of your time properly and start your spring cleaning.

What do you think of these energy saving tips? Will you give them a try? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

Do you have a checklist for spring cleaning? Here in my homestead, I have and you can check it out here, Spring Cleaning Checklist For Homestead New Beginnings!


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This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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