Eco Sustainable Home That Running On Renewable Energy From The Sun

Ever imagined 2016 as the year in which a home can totally run on renewable energy? Harnessing the power of the sun is what makes the following home functional. In the HALO project, the solar panels aren’t just attached but they make up the roof! Made with the name and the shape of the round shining circle phenomenon which takes place around the Sun, the people behind HALO wanted to make a statement. The designers emphasized the social character of the home, making it a meeting place. Sourced from Gothenburg, Sweden the team of architects built 30 prefabricated modules and shipped them in China where HALO participated in an international competition. The home can live 4 people with a total interior space of 60 square meters. There are large common spaces and smaller private areas as well as modern finishes and furniture inside. Take a virtual look and just enjoy the entire design











A project developed by HaloSweden

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