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Need some easy wooden furniture repair ideas? Give your old wood an update with these tips & tricks. If you don’t want to spend time, money and a whole lot of effort taking care of your furniture, this is for you.

Easy Wooden Furniture Repair Tips and Tricks

If you want your furniture to look its best at all times, you are going to need to invest some time and effort in cleaning service and maintenance. You cannot expect to neglect the furniture and to enjoy its finest looks at all times.

Normally you would do fine with cleaning and maintenance, but should your furniture ever experience damage, you will be tempted to call a professional. Truth is that there are various ways you can perform such service on your own, even without the required knowledge. There are many ways that you can work on your own to fix small damage, and only resort to a repair or cleaning company if the problem is rather big.

Here are few practical suggestions that can save your furniture from trouble:

1. How to hide small dings and scratches

Sooner or later you will scratch your furniture with a big object you are in a hurry to move to the other room, or a toy your child likes to play with finally finds its way to the side of your bookcase. Luckily, you needn’t panic in despair about such a minor damage, because felt-tip marker is all you need to fix this. Dab it onto the scratch and watch as the damage disappears. This technique is safe for furniture, as it does in now way damage it. The only time you need to think twice is when you apply this product on antique furniture, because it might reduce its value.

2. How to fix scratches on the finish

If the scratch you need to deal with is on the very surface of the furniture, you will need a different approach. Pour some fine rubbing compound onto a pad and rub it on the scratched surface. Next, apply a coat of new finish and perform thorough cleaning service on the furniture. Add a layer of lacquer to conclude the process. You can fix small scratches with a walnut.

3. How to clean sticky, greasy and dirty surfaces

Food residue and stains are the dread of everyone. This is especially the case when one such mark is present on wooden furniture. You may think that you require a specialized furniture cleaning solution, but there is one product that you can use instead: white spirits. The way you clean with this is by soaking up a clean cloth with the solution and wiping the area of the stain. Since wooden furniture often has carved features and crevices, you can use a cotton swap to reach those places.

4. How to patch gouges

When the damage is more severe, you can use putty to mend it. You can find putty sticks in almost all hardware stores. It is important to go after a color similar to that of your furniture, as otherwise it will be easy to notice. Flakes of the putty should form a shape to fill the damaged area and attach firmly to it. Remove what excess there is and smooth out the surface. Some shellac will help harden the putty and make the damaged area look as good as new.

Such fixes can really come in handy when you want to try your skills in fixing the damage to wooden furniture. You can attempt them at any time and find out just how effective they are.

Need more wooden furniture repair tips? See how you can repair scratches on a wood table from ehowathomechannel:

Will you give these tips and tricks a try? Let us know below in the comments!

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