Don’t Be A Victim | 13 Self-Defense Against Rapists

With all the rape incidents reported across the nation, women should learn self-defense against rapists. Check out these tips on how you can prevent this horrendous atrocity from happening.

Women Self-Defense: Fight Against Sexual Assault

What would you do when someone suspicious is following you as you walk home from work or school? Nowadays, we can't be too complacent of our surroundings, especially in these tough times where the crime rate is up and rape cases are on a relentless rise. Ladies, you should take the necessary precautions to avoid sexual assaults because, for all we know, some nympho might be silently waiting for its next victim. Learn these self-defense tips below and protect yourself at all cost!

1. Look Them in the Face

Look them in the face | Don't Be A Victim | Self-Defense Against Rapists
If you feel you are being followed, look them straight in the face and ask them questions or make small talk. It is important to see their faces for you to clearly identify them. This may lessen the would-be attacker's interest to make you a target.

2. Shout Stop or Stay Back

When you see someone approaching, clench your fist in front of you and shout “Stay back!” or “Stop!” as loud as you can. Most attackers will leave you alone if you show you're not afraid to fight back. Shouting is a great form of self-defense against rapists.

3. Carry a Pepper Spray

Carry a Pepper Spray | Don't Be A Victim | Self-Defense Against Rapists
If you have a pepper spray, hold it out in plain sight while shouting. Pepper spray contains active ingredients from chili peppers that are distinctly pungent and very hurtful to the eyes. This will deter the would-be attacker from coming towards you. Be sure you are willing and able to use it.

4. Pinch Them

If the attacker holds you around your waist from the back, pinch them under their arms or between the armpit and the elbow. You can also squeeze them as hard as you can in the upper inner thigh. Those places hurt like hell when pinched.

5. Hit Them in the Groin

Hit them in the Groin | Don't Be A Victim | Self-Defense Against Rapists
After the initial hit, always go for the groin. In a fair fight, going for the groin is frowned upon but when you’re attacked, it won't be a fair fight. After giving a solid hit to the groin, the attacker will think twice about attacking you. This will give you a chance to make a quick exit and call for help. Striking the groin is a very effective form of self-defense against rapists.

6. Bend Their Fingers

If the attacker puts their hands on you, grab the first two fingers and bend them back as far as you can while applying as much downward pressure on them as possible. Try it on yourself if you want, it is quite painful.

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7. Practice Situational Awareness

Practice Situational Awareness | Don't Be A Victim | Self-Defense Against Rapists
Situational awareness should always be practiced. Be alert and check your surroundings, especially if you are walking alone. Walk with someone you know if possible. If you notice odd behavior from a stranger, trust your gut and do what is necessary.

Acting this way may seem a little silly at the time, but you’d feel much worse if the person did have any wicked intent. Not all effective self-defense comes in form of combat. Awareness can deter any life-threatening situation.

8. Use Your Elbow

Your elbow is an extremely efficient self-defense tool. Elbow strikes can leave your attacker out cold or completely unconscious. If you are close enough, do not hesitate to hit the perpetrator with your elbow with all your strength.

9. Toss Your Wallet Away

Toss Your Wallet Away | Don't Be A Victim | Self-Defense Against Rapists
Do not simply hand your purse or wallet if a mugger asks for it. Instead, throw it away from you. Odds are, they are more interested in the money in your wallet or purse than they are with you. If they go for the money, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION! Running is a valid self-defense one can easily do.

10. Kick Out the Tail Lights

If they force you inside the trunk, kick the back of the tail lights and get your arms out there! Stick your arms and hands out until someone sees you. This has saved many lives. Also, keep in mind all newer cars have an emergency trunk release you can pull to get out of the trunk.

The key here is to listen. If you feel your attacker has stopped at an intersection with people nearby, that would be a safe time to exit the vehicle. Chances are, they will attempt to flee the scene and not try to get you back in the trunk anymore.

11. Start Your Engine and Leave

Start Your Engine and Leave | Don't Be A Victim | Self-Defense Against Rapists

Most women have the habit of staying in their cars and doing things like checking their phones or fixing their bags before they actually leave the premises. This makes you a major target and is a huge no-no. As soon as you are in your car, start the engine and leave. Do not sit around balancing your checkbook. That can be done as soon as you get home.

12. Stay Alert When Entering Your Car

Speaking of cars in a parking lot or garage, these are the safety measures to keep in mind:

  • Be alert: Look around before entering your car. Check the passenger side and the back seat as this is where perpetrators usually hide when they gain access to your vehicle.
  • Enter your car through the passenger door if you are parked next to a van. This will feel and look silly, but it’s better than being abducted. Many attackers will surprise their victims by forcing them into the van while the victim is attempting to enter their vehicle.
  • Take a good look at the parked cars on both sides of the car. If you see a suspicious male sitting in the seat near you, turn around and go back to where you came from and ask a security guard or a police officer to walk you to your vehicle. It is better to be silly yet safe rather than become a victim.

13. Take the Elevator

Take the Elevator | Don't Be A Victim | Self-Defense Against Rapists
NEVER take the stairs alone at night unless you have no other option. If at all possible, take the elevator. Stairwells are notorious for being the perfect place to commit a crime.

Women should know how to fight and protect themselves. Watch this video from Final Round Training and find out how you can escape a rapist!

Take all of these things into consideration when heading out at night. This might make you feel awkward and may not ward off all attacks, but anything you can do to help yourself is worth it. After all, you are better off paranoid than dead. Stay safe, ladies!

Do you know other self-defense against rapists? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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