DIY Survival Candles: The Olive Oil Lamp

diy olive oil candle DIY Survival Candles

Part 3: The Olive Oil Lamp

In our last DIY survival candle making article, I showed you how to construct the butter candle. The butter candle can light up your home for at least four hours.

But there is another survival candle that can last even longer than the butter candle. This candle is called “The Olive Oil Lamp.” This candle can last up to 12 hours. Twelve hours of light will really help you in a blackout.

This lamp also will produce the most heat of any DIY survival candle that we have talked about thus far. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive candle, but it really doesn’t matter in an urban survival situation. This candle is extremely easy to make and only requires a few kitchen supplies.


  • A Glass Bottle and it’s cap
  • A pint (16 oz.) of olive oil
  • A paper towel
  • A lighter or match


1. Fill your glass bottle with olive oil.

2. Take your glass bottle’s lid and drill a hole in the middle, making the hole’s diameter about ¾ of a centimeter.

3. Take your paper towel and make a thick strand of it. Then place it in the glass bottle (which should be full of olive oil.)

Be sure to drench the entire towel in olive oil first. This will make igniting the candle easier.

Push the paper towel through the cap’s hole.

diy survival candles 3-1

4. Take your lighter or match and light the paper towel. It may take a second to light. The flame will burn intensely at first.

diy survival candles 3-2

diy survival candles 3-3

The Olive Oil Lamp is by far one of the best survival candles that you can make with your kitchen supplies. Always have some spare olive oil in your kitchen, in case you may need it in a survival situation.

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