DIY Mason Jar Bird Feeders

Turning something ordinary into something creative and useful doesn’t need a lot of money, but some inspiration and willingness to create! With something as simple as a Mason Jar you could make an impressive bird feeder. And we`re here to show you exactly how! It has 3 parts and will be so easy even teenagers can get involved in this DIY project. First, you will need to screw-in the jars onto the poultry feeder bases. Then, attach the lids to the Mason Jars via glue. Drill some holes in the bases in order to aid with drainage. Fill them with food and they’re ready for birds. If you seek to hang them there are cheap metal shower curtain hooks or rings which you could use. The final result is awesome!

You’ll need:

Cheap metal shower curtain hook/rings are awesome for hanging the feeders… Find it HERE…

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