DIY Lace Decorated Candle Holder

You don’t know how to make the ambiance of the room more romantic? Decorating the room is something you might put more energy and creativity into. The result will surprise you and amaze your loved one. First, make sure you have:

  • a small jar (to fit the candle);
  • some lace (almost the height of the jar);
  • a string of sequins;
  • Super glue;
  • a lighter;

Start the DIY process by gluing the lace on the jar. Add some more glue on the rim of the jar. Take the string of sequins and wrap a few of it around the top. Fashion a bow out of some extra you cut off and sow it on the rest of the sequins (although gluing it will do the trick as well). Light your candle and place inside. The holder is done and the romantic ambiance is created!

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