DIY How to Make a Powerful Mini Foundry

Your About to Discover How to Make a Foundry to Melt Steel and Scrap Metal in Seconds and Also be Used as a Nice Planter When Not in Use.

First you might be asking yourself what is a foundry?

A foundry is a factory that produces metal castings. Metals are cast into shapes by melting them into a liquid, pouring the metal in a mold, and removing the mold material or casting after the metal has solidified as it cools. The most common metals processed are aluminum and cast iron. However, other metals, such as bronze, brass, steel, magnesium, and zinc, are also used to produce castings in foundries. In this process, parts of desired shapes and sizes can be formed.

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In this guide I’m going to reveal the ultimate set of diy foundry plans that runs off of charcoal and is perfect for the homesteader, survivalist, diyers, preppers and whoever else wants to learn how to make a foundry to melt steel.

What you need

  • 1 bag of plaster of paris
  • 1 bag of play sand
  • 10 quart steel bucket
  • 2 1/2 quart plastic bucket
  • 5 gallon plastic bucket
  • 1″x 12″ steel pipe with threads
  • 1″ PVC coupling with one end threaded and other end slip over pvc
  • 1″ x 24″ PVC pipe
  • 2 4″ U-bolts
  • 5 quart big mouth bucket
  • 3″ x 5″ metal cylinder with one open end (old fire extinguisher was used)
  • 1 3/8 hole saw
  • 3″ hole saw
  • Sawzall or hack saw
  • Mortar or paint mixing bit to mix ingredients

fire extinguisher

First you will need to ad 1 3/4 (21 cups) buckets of plaster of paris into your 5 gallon bucket


Next ad 1 3/4 (21 cups) buckets of play sand


Then ad 1 1/4 buckets (15 cups) of water


Next start mixing all the ingredients together. You will only have about 15 minutes before it starts hardening up. You can use your hand to mix it or you can use a mortar mixing bit or a paint mixing paddle on a drill.

Either way make sure to clean up after mixing because this will be hardening like cement and you will not be able to get it off easily after it dries.


Mix until all the lumps are gone and it has a nice smooth consistency.


Once its mixed pour it into your 10 quart steel bucket.


Fill your 2 1/2 quart plastic bucket with water to ad weight to it and then place into the center of the steel bucket to form the center of your foundry. You will want to bounce up and down a few times to get it to level off before it hardens all the way. Hold in place for 2-3 minutes until bucket stays where you want it.


Once your bucket stays in place you can clean your bucket up using some paper towels or a wet rag. Make sure to clean the outside of your bucket and also shape and smooth the top of the plaster. This will give it a cool texture by using a wet rag.


You can make it look nice and smooth with very little effort.


Next you will want to wait at least an hour for the foundry to harden. While we are waiting for the mini foundry to harden we can start making the crucible out of an old fire extinguisher.

If using a fire extinguisher like shown make sure to depressurize the system before you cut it in half.


Make sure your foundry crucible is made of good steel so it does not melt before you other metal does. Also test that it is actually steel by using a magnet to see if it sticks to the steel. If not do not use it and find something else.


Next measure 5 inches up from the bottom of the cylinder and make your cut with a hack saw, sawzall or a cutoff wheel.



Once you cut through you want the bottom part of the fire extinguisher to be about 5 inches tall by 3 inches wide.



Once you are done with that and if it has been about an hour you can pull out your 2 1/2 quart plastic bucket out of your foundry by using a pair of channel locks or pliers.


You may have to give it a good twist with both hands to get it to pop out. Once you have the bucket out you will see it gave it a very nice smooth finish on the inside.


Next you will want to make your air supply hole and a lid for your mini foundry.


Break out your drill with your 1 3/8 hole saw you will see it lines up almost perfect with your steel pipe.


Center your arbor on the top line of your bucket and drill through the metal bucket.


Once through the metal bucket put a 30 degree angle downward and drill through the foundry to make your air supply hole for your steel pipe.



You can see it will work out perfectly for the 1 inch steel pipe.


Here is what you need for your air supply hole.


Screw the 1 inch coupling onto the 1 inch steel pipe.


Next slide the coupling over the 1 inch PVC pipe and you are done with the air supply pipe. Make sure that when you put in your pipe you always put the steel part into the foundry.


Next lets make the Lid for the foundry by using 2 4 inch u-bolts and a 5 quart big mouth plastic bucket.



Next mix these ingredients in the big mouth bucket:

10 cups plaster of paris

10 cups sand

7 cups of water

Place u-bolts in mix for your handles and hold until they are set, then let dry about 30 minutes or more.


Once dry you can pop the lid out of the bucket and drill your center hole using a 3 inch hole saw bit.


Now the mini foundry is complete.


If you want it to look more professional you can paint the outside of your bucket. I would suggest using high temp paint.


Use charcoal to get it fired up and you can see once the charcoal is going this mini foundry can heat up aluminum cans in seconds.


This powerful mini foundry can melt metal into liquid.


Then pour your metal liquid into a mold to make whatever you want.


Also by painting your foundry you can easily disguise it as a cool planter while its not being used.


Check out the video.

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