DIY How to Build a Cabin in 7days for Under $5k

Who Else Wants to Build Their Own
Cabin in 7 days for Under $5000


$5000 cabin

Do you need a little cabin you can build in the woods? Without going into debt? Do you have limited building skills but would still like to build a cabin yourself?

Here’s a way to build a cabin inexpensively and have a step-by-step outline of how to build it. This idea is an Arched Cabin kit. They are sturdy, economical, and attractive shelters. One could serve as a shop, a storage unit, or even a cabin in the woods.

Come on — put your work clothes on and head out to your Homestead to the place where you’re going to put your cabin…

Most building costs are huge. Why not consider building a smaller, arched cabin that comes as a kit? Get some land and put this thing up in a week or less. The kit comes with all you need: structural bars, sheeting, insulation and instructions. Prices range from $3,600 to $12,800 depending on size and amenities.

The idea comes from Arched Cabins

Watch This Video To You See How To Build A Cabin In A Week For Under $5000


Arched Cabins have been used for everything you can think of: Shops, Animal shelters, Vacation homes, Retirement homes and Hunting lodges. No matter what your need, Arched Cabins can be adapted to suit you.

The interiors have been manipulated for many different uses, for an animal shelter or garage the end caps can be minimal and you may or may not want insulation, on the flip side they can be fully built out with lofts and fully finished out interiors to be the home of your dreams. The beauty of an Arched Cabin for your solution lies in very fast build times and the fact that each one is an empty canvas waiting on you to finish as you see fit.

There are a few different foundation options when building your new Cabin. You can pour a traditional foundation, you can build a pier and beam foundation utilizing wood frame, or you can build a pier and beam foundation that is all steel. From your foundation the Arched Cabin kit can be built with a crew as quickly as 4 hours or with a friend over a weekend.

Check out the build process of a 14×20 foot arched cabin



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