DIY How to Build a 16 Brick Rocket Stove

So I bet you are wondering what the heck is a rocket stove?

Well the concept of a rocket stove is simple, it’s a L shaped stove that when lit burns and sounds like a rocket. It burns very clean and is almost smokeless when its going.

The fire actually burns sideways and only uses the tips of the wood or sticks to burn, so it is extremely efficient and an absolute must for anyone in a survival situation to know how to build one.

In this article I am going to show you how to build a 16 brick rocket stove that will allow you to quickly boil water and cook food on a frying pan.

What you will need:

16 bricks or more. You can stack up more layers if you want to increase the draft on your rocket stove and really get it going.

Step 1.

diy rocket stove step 1

Place 4 and a half bricks on the ground, just like it is shown in the picture. This will be the base of your stove and first layer. You will need to take one of your bricks and cut in half.

To do this you can use a mason hammer, wet saw, mason dry blade on a skill saw or give the brick a good crack on a hard surface in half.

Step 2.

diy rocket stove step 2

Next place 3 and a half bricks for your next layer like in the picture. You can place the half brick in the same corner or stagger it to the opposite corner to add more structure to the stove.

Step 3.


Next place 4 more bricks to build your next layer and make sure to shift the bricks in the front so you form a bridge. This will be where your rocket stove draws air from and you feed the fire.

Step 4.

diy rocket stove step 4

Now place another 4 bricks on top and stagger the joints so they are not on top of each other. You are finished with the build. If you want to keep going up with more layers of bricks you can, but this is all you need to get your rocket stove going.

Step 5.

diy rocket stove step 5

Next get some dry sticks and kindling and light your fire. You might have to blow in the front of the stove to get it to start drafting up the stove chimney to get the rocket burn going.

Step 6.

diy rocket stove step 6

Once your stove is burning nice it’s time to start cooking. Now make sure to check out your food so you do not burn it because this thing puts off some mean heat right on the bottom of your pan or pot.

Here is the video source where I got this DIY how to build a 16 brick rocket stove from:

off grid secrets report optin 1

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